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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2009Hedging foreign currency and interest rate risks with derivatives: how much does it increase the firm’s value?10071/1677Cunha, Florbela Galvão damasterThesisopenAccess
22-Nov-2016Herd behaviour and market efficiency: evidence from the portuguese stock exchange10071/13598Braga, André Barreto das Neves de AlmeidamasterThesisopenAccess
17-Dec-2019How stock short selling impacts the stock markets: evidence from NASDAQ-10010071/19622Bilska, YuliyamasterThesisrestrictedAccess
2013How the european policy changes affect the u.s. stock market : the importance of elections and the ECB’s monetary policy10071/6710Ventura, Magda Inês PereiramasterThesisrestrictedAccess
2011How the major capital markets interact in the world: a VAR approach10071/4890Costa, António Pedro CardosomasterThesisopenAccess
24-Aug-2010How the U.S. capital markets volatility interacts with economic growth10071/2020Marques, JoãomasterThesisopenAccess
2011How to deal with extreme observations in empirical finance: an application to capital markets10071/4327Silva, Josué de Sousa emasterThesisopenAccess
25-Jan-2016Impact of fossil-fuel subsidy removal to the Indonesia stock market10071/12774Al Hussien, BimamasterThesisopenAccess
2011O impacte dos mercados de capitais na evolução dos determinantes sociopolíticos10071/4894Madeira, Jamila Bárbara Madeira emasterThesisopenAccess
2011Impacto da política monetária nas principais variáveis macroeconómicas em Portugal10071/6106Tavares, Patrícia AfonsomasterThesisopenAccess
2016O impacto dos social media na experiência turística: um estudo cross country10071/13995Ladeira, Liliana da SilvamasterThesisopenAccess
2010Implementação das lentes oftálmicas Nikon em Portugal: caso prático10071/3788Pereira, Marisa Cristina Sobral da SilvamasterThesisopenAccess
2013A importância da comunicação interna numa empresa: aplicada ao caso TIMWE10071/8056Pimpão, Andreia Cardoso PereiramasterThesisopenAccess
26-Jul-2011Inter-store externalities and the efficient allocation of a commercial center space: the case of Sonae Sierra10071/2773Azevedo, Marta João Veríssimo demasterThesisopenAccess
2013Interbank payment flows in Portugal: an empirical analysis10071/6871Silva, Vânia Gomes de Carvalho Gramaça damasterThesisrestrictedAccess
16-Dec-2020Is gold a hedge and/or a safe haven?: an empirical examination of European equity and bond markets from the Euro's introduction to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak10071/21489Vieira, Duarte SaldanhamasterThesisopenAccess
2013Low leverage policy: factors that may influence debt-equity choices10071/6274Ferrão, Joaquim António MartinsdoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
23-Mar-2011Market neutral volatility: a different approach to the S&P 500 options market efficiency10071/2523Ruas, João Pedro BentomasterThesisopenAccess
20-Jul-2010A melhoria contínua como factor de competitividade empresarial10071/1929Sousa, Celso Martino Felipe demasterThesisrestrictedAccess
21-Dec-2015Meta-analysis and systematic review on edipemiology of healthcare, associated infection in developing countries: a case study in a chinese hospital10071/11585Wang, XiaoyamasterThesisopenAccess