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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
16-Apr-2024Design and integration of novel transmission techniques for coverage, power consumption and data rate improvements in wireless communication networksVelez, Vasco Rafael JerónimoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
27-Oct-2023Novas estratégias no processo de recrutamento e seleção na Marinha Portuguesa: Filosofia lean thinkingGalocha, João Paulo Nogueira MadalenoMaster ThesisEmbargoed Access
2023“Samba de uma nota só”? Turismo cultural num destino de sol e praiaCruz, A. R.ArticleOpen Access
2024Development of a maturity assessment model for sustainable tourismFranz, H. C.; Cruz, A. R.ArticleOpen Access
2024Does one size fit all in the Euro Area? Some counterfactual evidenceDestefanis, S.; Fragetta, M.; Gasteiger, E.ArticleOpen Access
2024Recensão do livro Habitat: Ecology Thinking in ArchitectureMarat-Mendes, TeresaReviewOpen Access
2024“Aqui é tudo colectivo”: Conversa com o Arquitecto José Silva Carvalho sobre o Bairro 25 de Abril construído ao abrigo do programa habitacional Serviço Ambulatório de Apoio Local (SAAL)Lopes, Sara Silva; Marat-Mendes, Teresa; Fernandes, Rui del Pino; Borges, João da CunhaOtherOpen Access
2024We’ll make a town from pure nothingness: The transition from rural village to industrial suburb in the Pirescoxe villageBorges, João Cunha; Fernandes, Rui del Pino; Lopes, Sara Silva; Marat-Mendes, TeresaArticleOpen Access
2024Marvila LAB: Imaginar a habitação colectiva em LisboaFernandes, João Silva; Fernandes, Sérgio; Justo, RuiArticleOpen Access
2023Assessing public and sports policies to tackle match-fixingCima, C.; Moriconi, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2024Assumir os cachos cabelo: Identidade e amizade entre meninas adolescentes em uma escola na cidade de Campinas (Brasil)Frazão, Maria Fernanda CorrêaWorking PaperOpen Access
2023Hybridity as an appellation of contemporary Islamic architectureGrancho, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023O poder político centralSantos, M. H.Book ChapterOpen Access
2023Hate speech among security forces In PortugalLapa, T.; Fátima, B.Book ChapterOpen Access
2023Data driven spatiotemporal analysis of e-Cargo bike network in Lisbon and its expansion: The Yoob case studyGil, B.; Albuquerque, V.; Dias, J.; Abranches, R.; Ogando, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Analyzing urban mobility based on smartphone data: The Lisbon case studyLeal, D.; Albuquerque, V.; Dias, J.; Ferreira, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Cinematic virtual reality: How emotional responses vary across movie genre and technological formatRodrigues, M. B.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Dias, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Uma revisão de literatura sobre o realismo agencial na psicologiaCastro Tedesco, P.; Maheirie, K.; Oliveira, J.M.ArticleOpen Access
25-Mar-2024Do virtual influencers serve as a powerful tool in the eco-fashion industry and shape consumers' pro-environmental behaviors?Qian QueMaster ThesisOpen Access
13-May-2024Green policies release and their impact on the U.S stock marketCardoso, Mariana PintoMaster ThesisRestricted Access