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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
24-Jul-2023Bairro de Alvalade: Primeiros ensaios da arquitetura paisagista em Portugal: Conceções de arborização e ajardinamento nas décadas de 1940 a 1970Neves, Jorge Gabriel da RosaDoctoral ThesisEmbargoed Access
2014A balanced scorecard model for a generic strategic level military headquartersDoğan, Özcan MuratDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
12-May-2022Barrier options and dynamic debtReis, João Miguel Mendes dosDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
5-Nov-2019Barriers to the implementation of enterprise strategic transformation based on path dependence theory: the case of Jiangsu High Hope GroupLu YibinDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
15-Feb-2024Basic income inspired policies in Europe: Factors that lead to the emergence of a policy innovation in the social policy context: Lessons from two case studies in EuropeOliveira, Bruno Miguel SilvaDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
26-Oct-2018Behavioral finance approach to resource allocationLy, AmadúDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2016Behavioural water resource economics: Behavioural applications to the residential water sectorCorreia, Ricardo Emanuel SarmentoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2012Behind the boardroom's door: The role and contributions of corporate boardsSimões, Ana Cristina MoreiraDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2010Being a minority: Predictors of relative ingroup prototypicality and strategies to achieve social changeAlexandre, Joana DiasDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2012Being in or being out: Social exclusion and destructive collective behaviour of disadvantaged groupsEsteves, Carla Sofia de CastroDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2011Bem-estar no trabalho em contexto policial: O contributo dos valores e das práticas organizacionaisGonçalves, Sónia Marisa PedrosoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
18-Mar-2022Between aid and action: aid, empowerment and resistance amongst fishermen in the Gaza StripGroten, AnnelienDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
17-May-2022Big data in education and organizational change: Evidence from private K12 schools in ChinaLuo ShiDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
25-May-2020Boosting children's creativity through creative interactions with social robotsOliveira, Patrícia AlvesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
29-Sep-2016Brand as a driving force for small and micro businesses in ChinaXiaoping, JiangDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
2003"Brincando de ser Criança": contribuições da etnologia indígena brasileira à antropologia da infânciaNunes, AngelaDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
13-Jul-2018Building a tiered rehabilitation system: the case of Yunnan ProvinceYe BinDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
5-Dec-2020Building an Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) based model for physicians: the case of pediatricians in ChinaGao ShenshenDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
19-Jun-2023Building sustainable competitive advantage through resources and dynamic capabilities: The case of the Portuguese auto parts marketMagalhães, Miguel Carneiro de Melo Pereira deDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
17-Nov-2022Business model construction processes and mechanisms of start-ups in nascent markets: A multiple case study based on multi-cases analysisCheng ZhengDoctoral ThesisOpen Access