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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2008Using JPEG2000 norm to code, protect and trade Earth Observation ProductsCarvalho, HelderMaster ThesisOpen Access
2013Using Kerberos for enterprise cloud authenticationCosta, Ronivon CandidoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2017Using milk run to deal with uncertainty in demand in a car assemblerFerreira, J.; Martins, A. L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Using mixed realities to explore consumers behaviorsGuerreiro, J.; Eloy, S.; Dias, M. S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2009Using mobile phones for survey research: a comparison with fixed phonesVicente, P.; Reis, E.; Santos, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022Using multi-criteria analysis for smart city assessmentChiroli, Daiane Maria De Genaro; Solek, Érica A. B.; Oliveira, Rosana S.; Barboza, Bertiene M. L.; Campos, Rodolfo P. de; Kovaleski, João L.; Tebecherani, Sérgio M.; Trojan, FlavioArticleOpen Access
2016Using multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to assist in estimating residential housing valuesFerreira, F.; Spahr, R.; Sunderman, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020Using NIMBY rhetoric as a political resource to negotiate responses to local energy infrastructure: a power line case studyBatel, S.; Devine-Wright, P.ArticleOpen Access
7-Jul-2005Using ODRL to express rights for different content usage scenariosSerrão, Carlos; Dias, Miguel; Delgado, JaimeConference ObjectOpen Access
2006Using OMA DRM 2.0 protected content: Ogg vorbis protected audio under symbian OSPimenta, F.; Serrão, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Using optical tracking system data to measure team synergic behavior: Synchronization of player-ball-goal angles in a football matchDaniel, C.; Couceiro, M. S.; Brito, J.; Figueiredo, P.; Lopes, R. J.; Araújo, D.ArticleOpen Access
2022Using profanity and negative sentiments: An analysis of ultimate fighting championship fighters’ trash talk on fans’ social media engagement and viewership habitsTereso, D.; Moro, S.; Ramos, P.; Calapez, T.; Costa, J. M.; Ratts, T.ArticleOpen Access
2014Using PTES and open-source tools as a way to conduct external footprinting security assessments for intelligence gatheringDinis, B.; Serrão, C.ArticleOpen Access
2022Using quantitative methodologies to conduct a systematic review in social sciences: Proknowk-C and Ordinatio Method in the theme “Financialization in Corporate Governance”Vieira, R.; Azevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2010Using questionnaire design to fight non-response bias in web surveysVicente, P.; Reis, E.ArticleEmbargoed Access
21-Dec-2023Using Search Engine Optimization to build brand awareness for an innovation at ORGANIIFrutuoso, Mariana CarvalhoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2014Using social networks sites in the purchasing decision processMiranda, F.; Rubio, S.; Chamorro, A.; Loureiro, S. M. C.ArticleOpen Access
7-Jun-2021Using social robots to encourage honest behavioursPetisca, Sofia Miguel Martins NunesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2014Using sport marketing to reach consumersJovanović, BojanMaster ThesisOpen Access
2020Using text mining to analyse digital transformation impact on peopleMatos, F.; Vairinhos, V.; Matos, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access