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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
6-Dec-2016USEONCE - Distribuição e Comércio LDA.: análise da situação financeira da empresaDelgado, João Maria Monteverde MiraMaster ThesisRestricted Access
27-Nov-2020User behaviour identification based on location dataBento, Miguel José CandeiasMaster ThesisOpen Access
4-Nov-2021User emotional interaction processor: a tool to support the development of GUIs through physiological user monitoringPinto, Duarte Maria Stock da Cunha SantiagoMaster ThesisOpen Access
10-Nov-2017User Generated Content e implicações específicas ao sector do turismoMota, João OliveiraMaster ThesisOpen Access
2012User participation in mental healthcare in Suriname: the implementation of a client councilDe Freitas, CláudiaWorking PaperOpen Access
2023User perceptions about online personal data transmissibilityPincho, P.; Messias, I.; Alturas, B.Book ChapterOpen Access
2018User study results on attitude perception of a mobile robotCorujeira, J.; Silva, J. L.; Ventura, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018User-centered shape grammars for housing transformations: towards post-handover grammarsEloy, S.; Dias, M. A.; Vermaas, P. E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Users' participation in facebook brand pages and its influence on word-of-mouth: the role of brand knowledge and brand relationshipLangaro, D.; Salgueiro, M. F.; Rita, P.; Del Chiappa, G.ArticleOpen Access
2024Users' satisfaction evaluation of telemedicine mobile applications based on ISO standardsPereira, J.; Alturas, B.; Marques, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2012Users' views of hospital environmental quality: Validation of the Perceived Hospital Environment Quality Indicators (PHEQIs)Andrade, C. C.; Lima, M. L.; Fornara, F.; Bonaiuto, M.ArticleOpen Access
2008The users’ shaping of networked communicationCardoso, G.; Espanha, R.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022The uses of coffee in highly demanding work contexts: Managing rhythms, sleep, and performancePegado, E.; Rodrigues, C. F.; Raposo, H.; Fernandes, A.ArticleOpen Access
2007Using a Cournot-Nash model to study the contributions of cooperation for fishing stocks recover and for fishers' rentsFilipe, J. A. C. B.; Ferreira, M. A. M.; Coelho, M. F. P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Using a narrative approach to understand place attachments and responses to power line proposals: the importance of life-place trajectoriesBailey, E.; Devine-Wright, P.; Batel, S.ArticleOpen Access
15-Nov-2019Using a test automation tool for robotic process automation: An empirical studySantos, Filipa da SilvaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2019Using alice software with 4C-ID Model: effects in programming knowledge and logical reasoningCosta, J. M.; Miranda, G. L.ArticleOpen Access
2015Using an educational multimedia application to prepare children for outpatient surgeriesFernandes, S.; Arriaga, P.; Esteves, F.ArticleOpen Access
Dec-2013Using Arduino microcontroller boards to measure response latenciesSchubert, T. W.; D’Ausilio, A.; Canto, R.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022Using artificially generated pictures in customer-facing systems: An evaluation study with data-driven personasSalminen, J.; Jung, S. - G.; Kamel, A. M. S.; Santos, J. M.; Jansen, B. J.ArticleOpen Access