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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021The 2020 oil price war has increased integration between G7 stock markets and crude oil WTIDias, R.; Alexandre, P.; Heliodoro, P.; Santos, H.; Farinha, A. R.; Santos, M. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Accounting and management practices in the third sector in AngolaPaiva, I.; Carvalho, L.ArticleOpen Access
15-Dec-2022Adoção de hubs de marketing multicanal em PortugalMendes, Hugo Alexandre ArnauthMaster ThesisOpen Access
2017Advertising and country-of-origin images as sources of brand equity and the moderating role of brand typicalityLoureiro, S. M. C.; Kaufmann, H. R.ArticleOpen Access
2019Age-diversity practices and retirement preferences among older workers: a moderated mediation model of work engagement and work abilitySousa, I. C.; Ramos, S.; Carvalho, H.ArticleOpen Access
2018Aleatoriedade e incerteza na comunidade piscatória de SetúbalAmorim, V. I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021An analysis of social relationships quality associations with hope among young Italians: The tole of NEET statusSimões, F.; Marta, E.; Marta, E.; Marzana, D.; Alfieri, S.; Pozzi, M.ArticleOpen Access
2018Analyzing the effect of socio-political context on tourism: perceptions of young tourists in Greece, Portugal and IsraelShahrabani, S.; Teitler-Regev, S.; Syna, H. D.; Voulgaris, F.; Tsoukatos, E.; Ambrosio, V.; Loureiro, S. M. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Análise da relação entre a servant leadership e a criatividade: O papel da motivação intrínseca e do job craftingPassadas, R. N.; Silva, V. H.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2012Another look on safety climate and safety behavior: deepening the cognitive and social mediator mechanismsFugas, C. S.; Silva, S.A.; Meliá, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Antecedents and consequences of collective psychological ownership: The validation of a conceptual modelSilva, A.; Patient, D.; Passos, A. M.; Sguera, F.ArticleOpen Access
2021Application of a green banking performance index to PortugalPereira, V. M. M.; Filipe, J. A. C. B.ArticleOpen Access
2017Are you willing to pay the price? The impact of corporate social (ir)responsibility on consumer behavior towards national and foreign brandsFerreira, A. I.; Ribeiro, I.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Assessing the coding reliability of work accidents statistical data: how coders make a differenceJacinto, C.; Santos, F. P.; Soares, C. G.; Silva, S. A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022An assessment framework for the training of general practitioners and specialists based on EPAsGao, S.; Li, N.; Wang, X.; Yu, Y.; Zhao, R.; Trigo, V.; Ramalho, N.ArticleOpen Access
2022Attitudes and HRM decisions toward older workers in Africa: Exploring contradictions through an empirical studyRego, A.; Vitória, A.; Ribeiro, T.; Ribeiro, L.; Lourenço-Gil, R.; Leal, S.; Cunha, M. P. e.ArticleOpen Access
2021Authentic leadership and improved individual performance: Affective commitment and individual creativity’s sequential mediationDuarte, A. P.; Ribeiro, N.; Semedo, A. S.; Gomes, D.ArticleOpen Access
2020Authentic leadership’s effect on customer orientation and turnover intention among Portuguese hospitality employees: the mediating role of affective commitmentRibeiro, N.; Duarte, A. P.; Fidalgo, J.ArticleOpen Access
2017Ba: um fator determinante no uso de sistemas de gestão do conhecimentoSousa, N. M.; Costa, C. J.; Aparicio, M.ArticleOpen Access
2018Be friendly, stay well: the effects of job resources on well-being in a discriminatory work environmentDi Marco, D.; Arenas, A.; Giorgi, G.; Arcangeli, G.; Mucci, N.ArticleOpen Access