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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2013Similitude estrutural e concorrência comercial: a influência do fator geográficoBartolomeu, André Miguel CoralejoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2014Sines industrial and logistics zones: FDI determinants applied to Sines and its peersCosta, Tiago Filipe Soares daMaster ThesisOpen Access
7-Jul-2012Sobre a medição do desenvolvimento: indicadores desagregados e compósitos com uma aplicação empírica a PortugalMoreira, Sandrina BerthaultDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2013Strategic management about how to struggle for survival and sustainable development for JA SolarChen, YanMaster ThesisOpen Access
12-Dec-2018Strategic supply chain management implications of an unregulated BREXITRosenthal, Christopher DanielMaster ThesisOpen Access
24-Sep-2019A study on the counterparties risk management in cocoa trading companies: How commodities trading firms deal with performance risk?Auckenthaler, MarieMaster ThesisOpen Access
16-Apr-2018Taxation as a driver for Portuguese foreign direct investment in Netherlands: myth or reality?Pereira, Ana Catarina GonçalvesMaster ThesisOpen Access
12-Dec-2019Technical analysis on foreign exchange markets: MACD and RSICardoso, João Pedro Valdez LancinhaMaster ThesisOpen Access
10-May-2016Thai cultural standards from a Portuguese perspectiveSacramento, Rita Figueira doMaster ThesisOpen Access
4-Dec-2017The "visible hand" in the venture capital industry in EuropePeixe, Francisco Maria Assenhas Bebiano de OliveiraMaster ThesisOpen Access
3-Mar-2020The adversities of doing business in China: Why western companies failCunha, João Luís Carrilho Fortes daMaster ThesisOpen Access
21-Dec-2021The dynamic interdependencies between Income inequality, public debt, and inflation rate: a PVAR model approachOliveira, João Pedro Gonçalves Marques deMaster ThesisOpen Access
6-Dec-2021The effect of network embeddedness and institutional environment on opportunity types under Chinese border area contextShi ChunfengDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
2012The effects of international trade on economic growth: an empirical comparison between Portugal and the NetherlandsAntunes, António Jorge Soares JesusMaster ThesisOpen Access
2-Nov-2021The effects of the interactions between monetary and fiscal policy on the Euro Area’s GDP: An ARDL approachAlmeida, Ana Marta Gonçalves Peres deMaster ThesisOpen Access
2012The euro as a reserve currency: Cooperation between P.R. China and EuropeGodinho, Diogo Manuel FerreiraMaster ThesisOpen Access
2015The impact of ECB’s monetary policy on Euro’s exchange rateCampino, José Pedro MeiraMaster ThesisOpen Access
4-Dec-2018The impact of European Union support programmes on the internationalisation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the wine sectorOliveira, Luís deMaster ThesisOpen Access
2015The impact of the 2008 and 2010 financial crises on international stock markets: Contagion and long memoryHorta, Paulo Jorge de BritoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2010The impact of the mandatory adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in PortugalAnastasova, Tatyana KostadinovaMaster ThesisRestricted Access