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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Referent-individual: A theoretical outline to think about crime and consumer culture in Brazilian youthMelo, P. B.; Assis, R. V.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022Hiding behind a mask: A multilevel perspective of burnout shameFerreira, A. I.Book ChapterOpen Access
2023Menstrual health: A health and human rights issueAlarcão, V.; Pintassilgo, S.ArticleOpen Access
2024Examining the role of structural and functional social network characteristics in the context of chronic pain: An ego-centered network designVan Alboom, M.; Baert, F.; Bernardes, S. F.; Verhofstadt, L.; Bracke, P.; Jia, M.; Musial, K.; Gabrys, B.; Goubert, L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2023Empowering diversity: The role of leadership in inclusion in the organizational contextRoque, H. C.; Ramos, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2024The public debt as handicap to economic growthTeixeira, N.; Luz, R.; Silva, R. V. da.; Pereira, L.; Silva, S. V. da.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2024Enriching Portuguese medieval texts with named entity recognitionBico, M. I.; Baptista, J.; Batista, F.; Cardeira, E.ArticleOpen Access
2023How can LMS affect student’s motivation and engagement?Ferreira, R.; Cardoso, E.; Oliveira, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
6-Dec-2022Das competências do Presidente da Mesa da Assembleia-Geral nas sociedades comerciaisGeraldes, Diogo Couto da RochaMaster ThesisEmbargoed Access
2022Drive theory and heredity in Amy Allen's Critique on the CouchRolo, D.ArticleOpen Access
2022L’état et l’international au prisme des vestiges du développement rural en TanzanieFouéré, M.A.; Gez, Y. N.ArticleOpen Access
2024Da salvaguarda à valorização: Os monumentos nacionais de Portugal e a abertura ao público em 2022Neves, José Soares; Macedo, Sofia Costa; Santos, Jorge; Lima, Maria JoãoReportOpen Access
8-Apr-2024Nazaré: Uma marca ou uma vila mediática?Ribeiro, Mafalda Castanheira Rodrigues VinhasMaster ThesisOpen Access
2022When modern housing built optimistic suburbia: a comparative analysis between Lisbon and LuandaRodrigues, Inês LimaArticleOpen Access
13-Mar-2024Virtual try-on technologies in the beauty industry: Consumer perceptionMarques, Inês Filipa Pires FerreiraMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2024An exploratory study of the evolution of urban green spaces in Lisbon using diachronic analysis of orthophoto mapsRamneantu, K.; Marat-Mendes, T.ArticleOpen Access
2024“No Need to Dress to Impress” evidence on teleworking during and after the pandemic: A systematic reviewAlmeida, F.; Rodrigues, H.; Freitas, P.ArticleOpen Access
19-Dec-2023A portuguese import/export company: Brasil caseFerreira, Francisco Miguel Branco LealMaster ThesisOpen Access
28-Nov-2023Business plan: Fundae - the new alcohol-infused ice creamPires, Tomás CaeiroMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2024The renewable energy transition and “the People”: Exploring the intersections of right-wing populism and the renewable energy transition in Portuguese media discoursesValquaresma, A.; Batel, S.; Afonso, A. I.; Guerra, R.; Silva, L.ArticleOpen Access