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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Dec-2013T-Share: transcultural skills for health and carePussetti, Chiara; Moleiro, Carla; Olivença, Sílvia; Santinho, Cristina; Santos, Joana; Vacchiano, FrancescoOtherOpen Access
2017T2* - personalized trip plannerFerreira, J. C; Martins, A. L.; Da Silva, J. V.; Almeida, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Os tablets e smartphones como média emergentes: um futuro já demasiado presente?Crespo, M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2012Tackling cyberbullying: review of empirical evidence regarding successful strategiesPerren, S.; Corcoran, L.; Cowie, H.; Dehue, F.; Garcia, D.; Mc Guckin, C.; Sevcikova, A.; Tsatsou, P.; Völlink, T.ArticleOpen Access
7-Sep-2021Tackling gendered aspects of acculturation through Turkish migrant women's experiences in EuropeErdogmus, Nazli YagmurMaster ThesisOpen Access
2023Tackling gendered aspects of acculturation through Turkish migrant women’s experiences in EuropeErdogmus, N. Y.; Moleiro, C.; Grzymała-Moszczyńska, H.ArticleOpen Access
2023Tackling regional skill shortages: From single employer strategies to local partnershipsSuleman, F.; Videira, P.; Araújo, E. R.ArticleOpen Access
2024Tackling sustainable development goals through new spaceClegg, S.; Cunha, M. P.; López, A.; Sirage, E.; Rego, J.ArticleOpen Access
22-Feb-2019Tacteando o indizívelNoronha, Isabel Helena Vieira Cordato deDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
Apr-2013Tactile sensors for robotic applicationsGirão, P. S.; Ramos, P. M. P.; Postolache, O. A.; Pereira, J. M. D.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2018Tailored virtual reality and mobile application for motor rehabilitationLourenço F.; Postolache, O.; Postolache, G.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Tailored virtual reality for smart physiotherapyPostolache, O.; Teixeira, L.; Cordeiro, J.; Lima, L.; Arriaga, P.; Rodrigues, M.; Girão, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Tailoring virtual environments of an exergame for physiotherapy: the role of positive distractions and sensation-seekingReis, E.; Arriaga, P.; Lima, M. L.; Teixeira, L.; Postolache, O.; Postolache, G.ArticleOpen Access
2023Tailoring: A case study on the application of the seventh principle of PMBOK 7 in a public institutionRodrigues, M. C.; Domingues, L.; Oliveira, J. P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
18-Apr-2024Take GD trust as an example: Marketing strategy researchRui YuanMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2015Takeaway de refeições portuguesas por drive thruMartins, Inês Filipa FigueiredoMaster ThesisRestricted Access
19-Oct-2023Taking advantage of advergames' features for advertising effectiveness: Focus on consumer engagement in mobile eraZhang XiucaiDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
2024Taking Europe home: How political agents stand out in their approach to Europe on social mediaMoreno, J.; Ferro-Santos, S.; Sepúlveda, R.ArticleOpen Access
2014Taking offence with no offence: relevance of time and place/space within nigeria's stand-up comedyNwankwọ, IzuuBook ChapterOpen Access
2018Taking stock of Roma health policies in Spain: lessons for health governanceEscobar-Ballesta, M.; García-Ramirez, M.; Freitas, C.ArticleOpen Access