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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022Access to land and food security. The perspectives of the rural stakeholders of Huambo, AfricaPepeka, M.E.; Ferreiro, M. F.; Dentinho, T. P.ArticleOpen Access
20-Dec-2022“O acolhimento aos deslocados internos pelo conflito de Cabo Delgado”Filomeno, Fernanda RussoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2021Addressing reserves and pension funds through gambler’s ruin and generalized Brownian motion processFerreira, M. A. M.; Filipe, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2016The agrarian reform under the Portuguese revolution, 1974-76: its roots and reversalAlmeida, M.ArticleOpen Access
8-Nov-2022Agronegócio e desenvolvimento na Argentina (1988-2018)Ferreira, Francisco León LizarragaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2022Uma análise sóciohistórica sobre o “Conde”: o território de prostituição travesti em LisboaRamalho, N. A.Book ChapterOpen Access
2015Attention, emotions and cause-related marketing effectivenessGuerreiro, J.; Rita, P.; Trigueiros, D.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2023Attitudinal and behavioural differences towards farm animal welfare among consumers in the BRIC countries and the USAMata, F.; Dos-Santos, M. J. P. L.; Cocksedge, J.ArticleOpen Access
2020Cause-related marketing in the digital era: how enterprises can deal with international campaigns in individualist versus collectivist countriesGuerreiro, J.; Loureiro, S.ArticleOpen Access
15-Dec-2022A cidade pós-explosão: o porto de pesca e o mercado como requalificadores da frente de marFonseca, Ana Beatriz Antunes Portugal daMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2016Close insecurity: shifting conceptions of security in prison confinementFrois, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022Cognitive dissonance induction as an “inoculator” against negative attitudes towards victimsBarriga, P.; Correia, I.; Vries, J. De; Tortora, L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Consumer preferences for aquaponics: A comparative analysis of Australia and IsraelGreenfeld, A.; Becker, N.; Bornman, J. F.; Dos-Santos, M. J. P. L.; Angel, D. R.ArticleOpen Access
5-Jan-2023A contribuição do programa residências de estudantes para o desenvolvimento da educação em Cabo VerdeSilva, Maria de Jesus Borges daMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2022COVID-19-related studies of nonprofit management: A critical review and research agendaSantos, M. R. C.; Laureano, R. M. S.ArticleOpen Access
2021Creative tourism destination competitiveness: An integrative model and agenda for future researchDias, Á.; Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M. R.; Patuleia, M.ArticleOpen Access
19-Dec-2022Cryptocurrency price prediction using LSTM neural networksPereira, José Luís AlmeidaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2022Cultivating cannabis in a Paraguayan nature reserve: Incentives and moral justification for breaking the lawMoriconi, M.; Peris, C. A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2017Desenvolvimento ou pós-desenvolvimento? Des-envolvimento e... Noflay!Amaro, R. R.ArticleOpen Access
2019Desigualdades sociais e desenvolvimento em Portugal: um olhar à escala regional e aos territórios de baixa densidadeMauritti, R; Nunes, N.; Alves, J.; Diogo, FArticleOpen Access