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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022Wearable devices for health remote monitor systemCaixeiro, T.; Cale, D.; Coutinho, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015What do europeans believe to be the causes of poverty? A multilevel analysis of heterogeneity within and between countriesCosta, L. P.; Dias, J. G.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2021What drives the dehumanization of consensual non-monogamous partners?Rodrigues, D. L.; Lopes, D.; Huic, A.ArticleOpen Access
27-Nov-2023What influences the purchase intentions and behavior of electric vehicles among Chinese consumers?Huanzhang JianMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2022What is gender awareness in health? A scoping review of the concept, its operationalization, and its relation to health outcomesMorais, R.; Bernardes, S. F.; Verdonk, P.ArticleOpen Access
2020What kinds of microaggressions do women experience in the health care setting? Examining typologies, context and intersectional identitiesPiccinelli, E.; Martinho, S.; Vauclair, C. -M.ArticleOpen Access
2021What movie will I watch today? The role of online review ratings, reviewers’ comments, and user’s gratification stylePiçarra, N.; Silva, N.; Chambel, T.; Arriaga, P.ArticleOpen Access
15-Nov-2023Where do I belong? The role of perceived discrimination, and ethnic identity for mental health: A comparative study of Japanese Brazilians in Japan and BrazilKurade, Mayra CristinaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2017Where the thread of home births never broke – An interview with Susanne HoudSantos, M.ArticleOpen Access
2016White matter changes and cognitive decline in a ten-year follow-up period: a pilot study on a single-center cohort from the Leukoaraiosis and Disability studyMadureira, S.; Verdelho, A.; Moleiro, C.; Santos, C.; Scheltens, P.; Gouw, A.; Ferro, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2017Why and when social support predicts older adults' pain-related disability: a longitudinal studyMatos, M.; Bernardes, S. F.; Goubert, L.ArticleOpen Access
2020Why do we watch? The role of emotion gratifications and individual differences in predicting rewatchability and movie recommendationArriaga, P.; Alexandre, J.; Postolache, O.; Fonseca, M. J.; Langlois, T.; Chambel, T.ArticleOpen Access
2021With or without you: associations between frequency of internet pornography use and sexual relationship outcomes for (non)consensual (non)monogamous individualsRodrigues, D. L.; Lopes, D.; Dawson, K.; Visser, R.; Štulhofer, A.ArticleOpen Access
2024“You get out of the house, you talk to each other, you laugh…And that’s fantastic”: A qualitative study about older people’s perceptions of social prescribing in mainland PortugalCosta, A.; Henriques, J.; Alarcão, V.; Madeira, T.; Virgolino, A.; Polley, M. J.; Henriques, A.; Feteira-Santos, R.; Arriaga. M.; Nogueira, P.ArticleOpen Access
2023Youth involvement in alcohol and drug prevention: A systematic reviewAresi, G.; Ferrari, V.; Marta, E.; Simões, F.ReviewOpen Access
2022“You’re better being poor here”: Migration decision-making and political and lifestyle considerations among qualified Brazilians in PortugalAzevedo, L. F. de; França, T.; Cairns, D.ArticleOpen Access
4-Oct-2023Zero Lower Bound: Implicações na performance bancária na União EuropeiaMarquês, Cristiana Sofia RasteiroMaster ThesisRestricted Access