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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
18-Dec-2023Análise da satisfação dos clientes da Biocodex PortugalVale, Filipa de Matos de OliveiraMaster ThesisOpen Access
22-Nov-2023Análise económica da cobertura total em cuidados médico-dentários no Sistema Nacional de SaúdeMorgado, Mariana MendesMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2020Uma análise sobre as políticas públicas e os mercados das Novas Substâncias Psicoativas (NSP)Henriques, S.; Guerreiro, M. D.; Silva, J. P.Book ChapterOpen Access
14-Dec-2023Análise social do processo de reinserção social do toxicodependenteVieira, Carla Eduarda Maia RodriguesMaster ThesisRestricted Access
15-Dec-2023Análise transmedia do "League of Legends"Dias, Beatriz BentoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2024Anger and disgust shape judgments of social sanctions across cultures, especially in high individual autonomy societiesAndersson, P. A.; Vartanova, I.; Västfjäll, D.; Tinghög, G.; Strimling, P.; Wu, J.; Hazin, I.; Akotia, C. S.; Aldashev, A.; Andrighetto, G.; Anum, A.; Arikan, G.; Bagherian, F.; Barrera, D.; Basnight-Brown, D.; Batkeyev, B.; Berezina, E.; Björnstjerna, M.; Boski, P.; Bovina, I.; Rodrigues, R. B.ArticleOpen Access
2020Antenna phase center and angular dispersion estimation using planar acquisition setup applied to microwave breast imagingFelício, J. M.; Bioucas-Dias, J. M.; Costa, J. R.; Fernandes, C. A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Anti-smoking themes: what works best for adolescents?Farhangmehr, M.; Jalali, M.; Silva, C. L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2019Antropologia da saúde, psiquiatria transcultural e etnopsiquiatria — considerações teóricasSousa, T. R.; Santinho, C.ArticleOpen Access
2021Anxious immobilities: an ethnography of coping with contagion (Covid-19) in MacauZuev, D.; Hannam, K.ArticleOpen Access
2022An appetite for meat? Disentangling the influence of animal resemblance and familiarityPossidónio, C.; Piazza, J.; Graça, J.; Prada, M.ArticleOpen Access
2018An approach with a queue system to the pandemic period studyFerreira, M. A. M.ArticleOpen Access
2023Après le choc Covid-19 : Temps d'un indispensable retour réflexif, en particulier pour les SHSGuibentif, P.Book ChapterOpen Access
14-Dec-2022O arco enquanto organizador da malha urbana: Infraestrutura de ligação cidade-portoLeal, Duarte Pereira Resina RodriguesMaster ThesisOpen Access
21-Dec-2023Are employee-focused CSR practices promoting psychological well-being at work? The mediating role of perceived organizational support in a comparison study of affective and psychological well-being of employeesKau, Emily LuisaMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2022Assessing caregivers’ adherence to child primary care recommendations: Development and validation of a scaleMourão, S.; Bernardes, S. F.; Carvalho, H.ArticleOpen Access
2023Assessing family social support for functional autonomy and dependence in pain: A psychometric studyBernardes, S. F.; Rei, A.; Carvalho, H.ArticleOpen Access
2023Assessing the effectiveness of performance indicators in health organisations and professionalsFerreira, A.; Dias, Á.ArticleOpen Access
2022An assessment framework for the training of general practitioners and specialists based on EPAsGao, S.; Li, N.; Wang, X.; Yu, Y.; Zhao, R.; Trigo, V.; Ramalho, N.ArticleOpen Access
2021Assessment of cognitive functions in patients with multiple sclerosis applying the normative values of the Rao’s brief repeatable battery in the Portuguese populationSousa, C.; Rigueiro-Neves, M.; Passos, A. M.; Ferreira, A. I.; Sá, M. J.ArticleOpen Access