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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
27-Oct-2023We don’t belong to the same war: A comparative analysis of media coverage in Germany on the Syrian and Ukrainian warOliveira, Natalie da CunhaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2022We got a taste for protest! leadership transition and political opportunities for protest in Angola’s resilient authoritarian regimeAlmeida, C.; Sá, A. L.; Faria, P.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022What are Airbnb hosts advertising? A longitudinal essay in LisbonSantos, M.; Correia, A.; Ribeiro, R.; Batista, F.ArticleOpen Access
15-Dec-2023What are the main differences and similarities between Southern European and East Central European political economies?Dantas, Inês PereiraMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2019What determines fund performance persistence? International evidenceFerreira, M. A.; Keswani, A.; Miguel, A. F.; Ramos, S. B.ArticleOpen Access
2015What do europeans believe to be the causes of poverty? A multilevel analysis of heterogeneity within and between countriesCosta, L. P.; Dias, J. G.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2021What drives the dehumanization of consensual non-monogamous partners?Rodrigues, D. L.; Lopes, D.; Huic, A.ArticleOpen Access
2020What kinds of microaggressions do women experience in the health care setting? Examining typologies, context and intersectional identitiesPiccinelli, E.; Martinho, S.; Vauclair, C. -M.ArticleOpen Access
19-Jul-2023What predicts colombian women's attitudes towards violence against women: the role of culture of honor norms and objectificationKaisig, Chiara DeniseMaster ThesisOpen Access
2005When "different" means "worse": In-group prototypicality in changing intergroup contextsWaldzus, S.; Mummendey, A.; Wenzel, M.ArticleOpen Access
2021When democracy incubates inequality and heteronomy: authoritarianism and nationalism in the European UnionCasanova, J. L.; Almeida, J. F.ArticleOpen Access
2023When is self-labeling seen as reclaiming? The role of user and observer's sexual orientation in processing homophobic and category labels’ useSturaro, S.; Suitner, C.; Fasoli, F.ArticleOpen Access
15-Nov-2023Where do I belong? The role of perceived discrimination, and ethnic identity for mental health: A comparative study of Japanese Brazilians in Japan and BrazilKurade, Mayra CristinaMaster ThesisOpen Access
11-Oct-2023Whose urn is it anyway? Discussions on decolonisation & repatriation efforts in the cultural heritage sector in PortugalRansick, Kelsey J. S.Master ThesisOpen Access
2024Widening the gap of political inequality? The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on political engagementBelchior, A. M.ArticleOpen Access
29-Nov-2023Women are always right: Analyzing the gender-based perspectives of the Portuguese Populist Radical Right party Chega and its women members and supportersOliveira, Sofia Pinto Gomes deMaster ThesisOpen Access
2022Women in the mutual societies of Portugal from the end of the nineteenth century to the 1930sBaptista, V.; Alves, P. M.Book ChapterOpen Access
2018Women Mayors in Portugal: a case study in political representation and citizenshipAlmeida, M. A. F. P.ArticleOpen Access
10-Nov-2023Workplace experiences of LGBTQIA+ employees in the Portuguese hospitality industrySilva, Miguel Laje Soares daMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2022Workplace relationships in Europe: An analysis by occupation and employment statusBarroso, M.ArticleOpen Access