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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
13-Dec-2023Machine learning to predict turnover intention in social workersFerreira, Inês Isabel SantosMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2024Managerialism and democratic governance in Portuguese higher education: Assessing the impact of the legal frameworkMineiro, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
13-Nov-2023Managing the (in)visible: Reading between the lines of workplace diversity through group theory lensesAlmeida, Gerusa Roberta Martinelli deMaster ThesisOpen Access
13-Oct-2023Marketing plan of Oriental Yuhong CompanyLan JieMaster ThesisOpen Access
2016Measurement and determinants of health poverty and health richness: evidence from PortugalSimões, N.; Crespo, N.; Moreira, S.; Varum, C.ArticleOpen Access
2022Measurement invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale by sexual orientationCheca, I.; Di Marco, D.; Bohórquez, M. R.ArticleOpen Access
2019Measuring quality of life in the speaker with dysarthria: reliability and validity of the european portuguese version of the QoL-DySNogueira, D.; Reis, E.; Ferreira, P.; Schindler, A.ArticleOpen Access
2021O medo em períodos epidémicos: abordagem históricaAlmeida, M. A.Book ChapterOpen Access
2023Meeting ourselves or other sides of us?—Meta-analysis of the MetaverseCruz, M.; Oliveira, A.; Pinheiro, A.ArticleOpen Access
30-Mar-2023Melhoria do processo de fecho contabilístico de uma empresa portuguesa do setor navalLagoa, Luís Manuel GasparMaster ThesisOpen Access
2023Memories of (un)Freire literacy policies in Southern Africa from the 1970s on: Telling the (hi)story through life histories and photography of (dis)empowerment in MozambiqueCarvalho, X. V. de.ArticleOpen Access
2010Memórias alentejanas do século XXAlmeida, M. A. P. deBookEmbargoed Access
2023Menstrual health: A health and human rights issueAlarcão, V.; Pintassilgo, S.ArticleOpen Access
2023Mental health and well-being of migrant populations in Portugal two years after the COVID-19 pandemicAlarcão, V.; Candeias, P.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Pintassilgo, S.; Machado, F. L.; Virgolino, A.; Santos, O.ArticleOpen Access
1991Médicos e representações da medicina: humanismo e tecnicismo nas práticas médicas hospitalaresCarapinheiro, G.ArticleOpen Access
2022The Middle East and Eastern Africa intersected: Discussing contemporary connectionsAjú, M. M.; Ylönen, A.ArticleOpen Access
2023Migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees: Different labels for immigrants influence attitudes through perceived benefits in nine countriesGraf, S.; Rubin, M.; Assilamehou‐Kunz, Y.; Bianchi, M.; Carnaghi, A.; Fasoli, F.; Finell, E.; Sendén, M. G.; Shamloo, S. E.; Tocik, J.; Lacko, D.; Sczesny, S.ArticleOpen Access
2022Migration coverage in Europe, Russia and the United StatesKreutler, M.; Fengler, S.; Asadi, N.; Bodrunova, S.; Budivska, H.; Diop, L.; Ertz, G.; Gigola, D.; Katus, E.; Kovacs, D.; Kuś, M.; Láb, F.; Litvinenko, A.; Mack, J.; Maier, S.; Pinto-Martinho, A.; Matei, A.; Miller, K. C.; Oppermann, L.; Pérez Vara, E.; Polyák, G.; Ravisankar, R.; Pérez, C. R.; Semova, D. J.; Skleparis, D.; Splendore, S.; Szynol, A.; Telo, D.; Zguri, R.ArticleOpen Access
19-Dec-2022Mining population opinion about local policeMatos, Kenny Roger LopesMaster ThesisEmbargoed Access
2021The missing study: a characterization of peer education practiceSilva, M. F.; Matos, A. D.; Henriques, S.ArticleOpen Access