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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2019Gamification: a key determinant of massive open online course (MOOC) successAparicio, M.; Oliveira, T.; Bação, F.; Painho, M.ArticleOpen Access
13-Dec-2023Garçonnes à Portuguesa: A representação da "Mulher Moderna" nas capas da revista ABC (1920-1927)Gradinaru, MihaelaMaster ThesisOpen Access
1-Oct-2020Gay Voice: stable marker of sexual orientation or flexible communication device?Daniele, M.; Fasoli, F.; António, R.; Sulpizio, S.; Maass, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022Gender and ethnicity: The role of successful women in promoting equality and social changeFerreira, R. A.; Santos, M. H.ArticleOpen Access
2023Gender and politics: A descriptive and comparative analysis of the statutes of Brazilian and Portuguese political partiesEduardo, M. C.; Santos, M. H.; Teixeira, A. L.ArticleOpen Access
2024Gender asymmetries: An exploratory study of women’s experiences in Portuguese football organizationsSantos, M. H.; Marques, A. M.; Salvador, J.ArticleOpen Access
2022Gender dynamics in a masculine professional context: The case of the Portuguese Air ForceSantos, M. H.; Morais, P.; Correia, R. B.ArticleOpen Access
2023The gender of retirement in a double-ageing country: Perspectives and experiences of retired women and men in PortugalPereira, M. C.; Rosa, M.; Santos, M. H.ArticleOpen Access
2021Gender roles and dynamics in COVID-19 times: Changes and continuities in sharing arrangements of housework and caregivingSantos, M. H.; Rosa, M.; Correia, R.; Xavier, E.ArticleOpen Access
2015Gender trajectories: transsexual people coming to terms with their gender identitiesPinto, N.; Moleiro, C.ArticleOpen Access
2023Gendered and classed homelessness: A life-history analysis on displaced survival in LisbonSaaristo, Saila-MariaArticleOpen Access
2023Gendered and classed homelessness: A life-history analysis on displaced survival in LisbonSaaristo, S.-M.ArticleOpen Access
2023Generalized prejudice reduction: Speciesism, sexism and racism - What if we can diminish all by tackling just one?Pajovic, D.; Rodrigues, R. B.ArticleOpen Access
9-Oct-2023Gestão de resíduos e crises humanitárias: O caso dos lixões em Fortaleza, BrasilFigueiredo, Carolina Pia Barros Dias deMaster ThesisOpen Access
2006Gesture human-computer interface for command and controlDias, J. M. S.; Nande, P.; Barata, N.; Correia, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
27-Nov-2023Género e perceção de eficácia da liderança: O papel do género do/a líder e dos estilos genderizados de liderançaCarvalho, Mariana Isabel da CostaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2023Gênero e ensino secundário: Experiências e estratégias dos professoresSantos, M. H.; Marques, A. M.; Delgado, C.ArticleOpen Access
2022Gênero e pré-escola: Experiências e estratégias de homens educadores de infânciaSantos, M. H.; Cruz, E. F.; Marques, A. M.ArticleOpen Access
12-Jun-2023A ghost in search of a machine: perspectives of portuguese social psychologists on research and social changeBastos, Guilherme OliveiraMaster ThesisOpen Access
2020Good refugees, bad migrants? Intergroup helping orientations towards refugees, migrants and economic migrants in GermanyWyszynski, M.; Guerra, R.; Bierwiaczonek, K.ArticleOpen Access