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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Tackling gendered aspects of acculturation through Turkish migrant women’s experiences in EuropeErdogmus, N. Y.; Moleiro, C.; Grzymała-Moszczyńska, H.ArticleOpen Access
2022Telecentres as promoters of digital citizenship amongst poor populations in Belo Horizonte, BrazilHaddad, S. R.; Oliveira, A.; Beaufils, A. F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Temporary transnational labour mobility and gendered individualization in EuropeHarsløf, I.; Zuev, D.ArticleOpen Access
2023Teorias feministas pós-estruturalistas: Contribuições para a investigação do discurso jurídico no BrasilOliveira, J. M. de.; Toneli, M. J. F.; Baggenstoss, G. A.ArticleOpen Access
2022A terça parte visível: a invisibilidade das mulheres artistas no campo das artes visuais portuguesas (2012-2019)Correia, S. B.ArticleOpen Access
13-Dec-2023The evolving role of the economic community of West African States (ECOWAS) in solving conflict in the Sub-Saharan region from 2011 to 2021: The cases of Mali, Burkina-Faso, Guinea, and Guinea-BissauDjaló, MashoodMaster ThesisOpen Access
19-Jun-2023The impact of child marriage interventions: The case of “money marriage” among the Becheve community of Southern NigeriaNwatu, Uche LouisaMaster ThesisOpen Access
8-Nov-2023The impact of oil price volatility on inflation in Europe and the United StatesGago, Joana Vitória MarquesMaster ThesisRestricted Access
10-Mar-2023The impact of social media platforms on influencer-follower relationshipsSilva, Patrícia Filipa Morgado Teixeira daMaster ThesisOpen Access
13-Dec-2023The impacts of culture on corporate governance: Corporate governance’s effectivenessGonçalves, Marta BarrosMaster ThesisEmbargoed Access
9-Nov-2023The importance of a multicultural workplace on managing intellectual capital in SMEsSalhi, AmaniMaster ThesisRestricted Access
30-Nov-2023The Macedonian quandary in the post-Yugoslav era: Identity disputes of North Macedonia with Greece and BulgariaYerkoy, SametMaster ThesisOpen Access
19-Jun-2023The role of informal support in childcare for divorced mothers in AzerbaijanGurbanaliyeva, AyshanMaster ThesisOpen Access
6-Nov-2023The settlement of Australia and Timor-Leste maritime boundary dispute: A case studySantos, Marcelo da ConceiçãoMaster ThesisOpen Access
16-Oct-2023The shaping of the second-class citizen: A social response to gender based violence in JordanHusein, Rama AbuMaster ThesisRestricted Access
13-Dec-2023The women’s role in corporate governance: What does the future hold?Félix, Inês AlvesMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2016Traditions and contradictions of sexual function definitions for Portuguese heterossexual men and women: medicalization and socially constructed gender effectsAlarcão, V.; Machado, F. L.; Giami, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
14-Jul-2023Trans resilience in Portugal: Protective factors for trans and gender-diverse people on different socio-ecological levels and the role of community connectednessSühs, Felicia MoanaMaster ThesisRestricted Access
7-Dec-2023Transição digital em museus: De redes sociais a redes sociais online: Um plano de comunicação para o Bairro dos MuseusNarciso, Ana Teresa da FonsecaMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2022Transnational divorce in binational marriages: The case of Portuguese-Brazilian and Portuguese-Cape Verdean couplesGaspar, S.; Ramos, M.; Ferreira, A.ArticleOpen Access