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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018Computer programming learning: how to apply gamification on online courses?Piteira, M.; Costa, C.; Aparicio, M.ArticleOpen Access
2007Critérios para a avaliação da qualidade dos recursos e da informação disponível na internetCosta, C.; Alturas, B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Data visualizationAparicio, M.; Costa, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Determinants adoption of computer assisted auditing tools (CAATs)Pedrosa, I.; Costa, C.; Aparicio, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020Factors influencing charter flight departure delayFernandes, N.; Moro, S.; Costa, C.; Aparicio, M.ArticleOpen Access
2023Factors influencing free and open-source software adoption in developing countries—An empirical studySilva, D.; Coutinho, C.; Costa, C.ArticleOpen Access
2014Gamificação na Banca: estudo de caso da abordagem metodológica no desenvolvimento do softwareRodrigues, L.; Costa, C.; Oliveira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Gamification: The using of user discussion groups in the software development in e-bankingRodrigues, L.; Costa, C.; Oliveira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Gemeinschaft in the midst of Gesellschaft? Love as an organizational virtueCunha, M. P. E.; Clegg, S. R.; Costa, C.; Leite, A. P.; Rego, A.; Simpson, A. V.; Sousa, M. O.; Sousa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2012Health portal: an alternative using open source technologyCosta, C.; Aparicio, M.; Figueiredo, J. P.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2017How does the web game design influence the behavior of e-banking users?Rodrigues, L. F.; Costa, C.; Oliveira, A.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2014How gamification can influence the webdesign and the customer to use the e-banking systemsRodrigues, L.; Costa, C.; Oliveira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Learning programming: Problems and solutionsPiteira, M.; Costa, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Luxury tourism from the traditional perspective to the sustainable trigger: Redefining new luxury tourismSantos, V. R.; Au-Yong-Oliveira, M.; Sousa, M.; Costa, C.ArticleOpen Access
2015Motivações dos auditores para o uso das tecnologias de informação na sua profissão: aplicação aos revisores oficiais de contasPedrosa, I.; Laureano, R. M. S.; Costa, C.ArticleOpen Access
2006Small screen rendering web-browser comparison: When web content is too large to fit the screenPacheco, A.; Serrão, C.; Costa, C.; Dias, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014State anger and creative process engagement in organisational contextCosta, C.; Zhou, Q.; Ferreira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Tensions between privacy and targeted advertising : Is the general data protection regulation being violated?Batista, M.; Fernandes, A.; Ribeiro, L.; Alturas, B.; Costa, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020The use of text mining to classify the best people management practiceCosta, C.; Fernandes, A.; Alturas, B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Tools for online collaboration: Do they contribute to improve teamwork?Oliveira, A.; Lopes, I.; Costa, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access