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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2018Adding value to sensor data of civil engineering structures: automatic outlier detectionAntunes, A. L.; Cardoso, E.; Barateiro, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014O agir leigo e o cuidado em saúde: a produção de mapas de cuidadoCecílio, L.; Carapinheiro, G.; Andreazza, R.; Souza, A. L. M.; Andrade, M. G. G.; Santiago, S. M.; Meneses, C. S.; Oliveira, D.; Cardoso, E.; Pinto, N.; Spedo, S. M.ArticleOpen Access
2019Applying advanced data analytics and machine learning to enhance the safety control of damsRico, J.; Barateiro, J.; Mata, J.; Antunes, A.; Cardoso, E.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022The child in charge: The case of child-participatory design of an environmental sustainability serious gameVieira, S.; Alexandre, I. M.; Cardoso, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2003A decision support system for IST academic informationCardoso, E.; Galhardas, H.; Trigueiros, M.; Silva, A. R.ArticleOpen Access
2022Designing a Business Intelligence and Analytics Maturity Model for higher education: A design science approachCardoso, E.; Su, X.ArticleOpen Access
2022Development of Plan S monitoring and compliance tool in the context of PTCRIS for Portuguese National Science FoundationMoreira, J. M.; Pardelha, F.; Laranjeira, C.; Pereira, F.; Novais, J.; Lopes, P.; Antunes, A.; Cardoso, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Evaluating the impact of gamification on the online shop of a game server: A Comparison between the Portuguese and North American contextsSantos, D.; Cardoso, E.; Alexandre, I.ArticleOpen Access
2013Evaluation of the maturity level of BI initiatives in European higher education iInstitutions: Initial report from the BI Task Force @EUNISCardoso, E.; Alcolea, J. J.; Rieger, B.; Schulze, S.; Rivera, M.; Leone, A.; Brighi, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2024Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI): A systematic literature review on taxonomies and applications in financeMartins, T.; de Almeida, A.; Cardoso, E.; Nunes, L.ArticleOpen Access
2017The four faces of information visualization: A conceptual framework for a postgraduate programBotelho, M. C.; Vilar, E. T.; Cardoso, E.; Silva, A. A.; Almeida, P. D.; Rodrigues, L. M.; Martinho, A. P.; Rodrigues, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Gamificação do learning scorecard: aplicação da framework MDAPedroso, T.; Cardoso, E.; Rações, F.; Batista, A.; Barateiro, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023GELCO: Gamified educational learning contents ontologyAntunes, A.; Lopes, M.; Barateiro, J.; Cardoso, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Handling confidentiality and privacy on cloud-based health information systemsSerrão, C.; Cardoso, E.ArticleOpen Access
2022Incorporation of ontologies in data warehouse/business intelligence systems - A systematic literature reviewLorvão Antunes, A.; Cardoso, E.; Barateiro, J.ReviewOpen Access
2015Intelligent management and efficient operation of big dataMoura, J.; Batista, F.; Cardoso, E.; Nunes, L.Book ChapterOpen Access
2017Introducing the Learning Scorecard: a tool to improve the student learning experienceCardoso, E.; Costa, D.; Santos, D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Introducing the Learning Scorecard: a tool to improve the student learning experienceCardoso, E.; Costa, D.; Santos, D.ArticleOpen Access
2010ITIL nas universidades: Projecto-piloto em gestão de activos de TI no ISCTE-IULMartins, R.; Cardoso, E.; Sequeira, M. M. de.; Borges, H.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Learning scorecard dashboards: visualizing student learning experienceCardoso, E.; Pedroso, T.; Rações, F.; Baptista, A.; Barateiro, J.ArticleOpen Access