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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2017Overview of context-sensitive technologies for well-beingFreitas, A.; Brito, L.; Baras, K.; Silva, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Performance evaluation of Brazilian social organizations according to the best international practicesRaptopoulos, M. M.; Simaens, A.; Silva, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019PRIvacy management responsibility on a scrutinized environment (primrose): A management method to address privacy challengesCosta, N.; Silva, J.; Almeida, I.; Möhring, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Proposing a virtual operations network to support a business policy for the medicinal and aromatic plants sectorAlmeida, I.; Silva, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Quo vadis microcredit in Portugal? A case study of the day-to-day of an entrepreneurSilva, J.; Esperança, J. P.; Almeida, I. D.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Reconfiguring the battery innovation landscapeSilva, J.; Távora, G.; Mendonça, S.ArticleOpen Access
2014Saliency-based cooperative landing of a multirotor aerial vehicle on an autonomous surface vehicleSilva, J.; Mendonça, R.; Marques, F.; Rodrigues, P.; Santana, P.; Barata, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Sharing, group-buying, social supply, offline and online dealers: how users in a sample from six European countries procure New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)Werse, B.; Benschop, A.; Kamphausen, G.; van Hout, M.-C.; Henriques, S.; Silva, J.; Dabrowska, K.; Wieczorek, L.; Bujalski, M.; Felvinczi, K.; Korf, D.ArticleOpen Access
2014Shifting to green economy: Hype or hope for entrepreneurs into medicinal and aromatic plants?Almeida, I.; Silva, J.; Leite, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Simple valuation of compounded deferred tax assets using a binomial algorithmSilva, J.; Souto, N.; Pereira, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2020Sistema de realidade aumentada para apoio ao projeto de arquiteturaLopes, M.; Silva, J.; Dias, M. S.; Eloy, S.; Gaspar, F.; Miguel, R.; Mendonça, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Smart mobility: a mobile approachFaria, R.; Brito, L.; Baras, K.; Silva, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Smart mobility: a surveyFaria, R.; Brito, L.; Baras, K.; Silva, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Speech features for discriminating stress using branch and bound wrapper searchJulião, M.; Silva, J.; Aguiar, A.; Moniz, H.; Batista, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Sustainable customer relationship management for BIM procurement in the ornamental stones cluster under industry 4.0Razy, A.; Mirnoori, S.; Silva, J.; Silva, A.; Möhring, M.; Almeida, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013A Systems Approach to Test the Usefulness of a Model to Challenge Organisational ChangeSilva, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015Testing the performance of warehousing rival policies through discrete event simulationSilva, J.; Suleman, A.; Moreira, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Tracking narrative change in the context of extremism and terrorism: adapting the Innovative Moments Coding SystemDa Silva, R.; Fernández-Navarro, P.; Gonçalves, M. M.; Rosa, C.; Silva, J.ArticleOpen Access
2019Transtornos mentais comuns em mulheres de cidades rurais: prevalência e variáveis correlatasFurtado, F. M. de S. F.; Saldanha, A. A. W.; Moleiro, C.; Silva, J.ArticleOpen Access
2014A typology of trade union websites with evidence from Portugal and BritainRego, R.; Marques Alves, P.; Naumann, R.; Silva, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access