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Title: On the relation between spontaneous trait inferences and intentional inferences: An inference monitoring hypothesis
Authors: Ferreira, M. B.
Garcia-Marques, L.
Hamilton, D. L.
Ramos, T.
Uleman, J. S.
Jerónimo, R.
Keywords: Spontaneous trait inference
Impression formation inference monitoring
Cognitive load
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Academic Press/Elsevier
Abstract: More than twenty five years after the beginning of research on spontaneous trait inferences (Winter & Uleman, 1984) an intriguing paradox in the impression formation literature remains: if traits are spontaneously inferred, why aren't they used to organize behavioral information and thereby facilitate recall under memory instructions (Hamilton, Katz, & Leirer, 1980)7 We hypothesized that organization by traits is more evident under impression formation goals because only in that case then are inferences sufficiently monitored to permit their use in organizing impressions. As a consequence, such monitored traits can then be used strategically as retrieval cues. Merging the main features of the Winter and Uleman and the Hamilton et al. experimental paradigms, Experiment 1 simultaneously replicated the main results of both studies. Using a new recognition paradigm, Experiments 2 and 3 further tested this inference monitoring hypothesis by showing that monitoring of trait inferences only occurs under particular processing goals, and is dependent on the availability of cognitive resources.
Description: WOS:000298935900001 (Nº de Acesso Web of Science)
“Prémio Científico ISCTE-IUL 2013”
Peer reviewed: Sim
ISSN: 0022-1031
Publisher version: The definitive version is available at:
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