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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2013Learning by observation of agent software imagesCosta, P.; Botelho, L.ArticleOpen Access
2020High-performance analog front-end (AFE) for EOG systemsLópez, A.; Ferrero. F.; Villar, J. R.; Postolache, O.ArticleOpen Access
2020Condition monitoring system and faults detection for impedance bonds from railway infrastructureAndrusca, M.; Adam, M.; Dragomir, A.; Lunca, E.; Seeram, R.; Postolache, O.ArticleOpen Access
2020Proposta de utilização de tecnologias open source para um sistema de gestão de admissões ao ensino superiorMarimbique, J.; Alturas, B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Interactions between soccer teams reveal both design and emergence: cooperation, competition and Zipf-Mandelbrot regularityRamos, J.; Lopes, R. J.; Araújo, D.ArticleOpen Access
2020Light field image coding based on hybrid data representationMonteiro, R.; Rodrigues, N.; Faria, S. M. M.; Nunes, P.ArticleOpen Access
2021β-band analysis from simulated flight experimentsRoza, V.; Postolache, O.ArticleOpen Access
2019Emerging imaging technologies: trends and challengesDomański, M.; Grajek, T.; Conti, C.; Debono, C.; Faria, S. M. M.; Kovács, P.; Lucas, L.; Nunes, P.; Perra, C.; Rodrigues, N.; Sjöström, M.; Soares, L. D.; Stankiewicz, O.Book ChapterOpen Access
2019Exergames for motor rehabilitation in older adults: an umbrella reviewReis, E.; Postolache, G.; Teixeira, L.; Arriaga, P.; Lima, M. L.; Postolache, O.ArticleOpen Access
2019Light field image compressionConti, C.; Soares, L. D.; Nunes, P.; Perra, C.; Assunção, P. A.; Sjöström, M.; Li, Y.; Olsson, R.; Jennehag, U.Book ChapterOpen Access