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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Interference aware iterative receiver performance for the uplink of LTE-ASilva, M.; Reis, C.; Souto, N.; Correia, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Asymmetric band diagrams in photonic crystals with a spontaneous nonreciprocal responsePrudêncio, F. R.; Matos, S. A.; Paiva, C. R.ArticleOpen Access
2015Cooperative coevolution of partially heterogeneous multiagent systemsGomes, J.; Mariano, P.; Christensen, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Discrete changes model of inter-core crosstalk of real homogeneous multi-core fibersCartaxo, A. V. T.; Alves, T. M. F.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Precoded generalized spatial modulation for downlink MIMO transmissions in beyond 5G networksPavia, J. P.; Velez, V.; Brogueira, B.; Souto, N.; Correia, A.ArticleOpen Access
2018A low-cost smart parking solution for smart cities based on open software and hardwareSerrão, C.; Garrido, N.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Estimating the performance of MIMO SC-FDE systems using SISO measurementsFernandes, D.; Cercas, F.; Dinis, R.; Sebastião, P.ArticleOpen Access
2018Gait recognition in the wild using shadow silhouettesVerlekar, T. T.; Soares, L. D.; Correia, P. L.ArticleOpen Access
2016Secure Javascript Object Notation (SecJSON): Enabling granular confidentiality and integrity of JSON documentsSantos, T.; Serrão, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Estimating the performance of DD OFDM optical systems impaired by in-band crosstalk using the moment generating functionRebola, J. L.; Cartaxo, A. V. T.ArticleEmbargoed Access