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Title: Hand-based multimodal identification system with secure biometric template storage
Authors: Ramalho, M. B.
Correia, P. L.
Soares, L. D.
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Institution of Engineering and Technology
Abstract: This study proposes a biometric system for personal identification based on three biometric characteristics from the hand, namely: the palmprint, finger surfaces and hand geometry. A protection scheme is applied to the biometric template data to guarantee its revocability, security and diversity among different biometric systems. An error-correcting code (ECC), a cryptographic hash function (CHF) and a binarisation module are the core of the template protection scheme. Since the ECC and CHF operate on binary data, an additional feature binarisation step is required. This study proposes: (i) a novel identification architecture that uses hand geometry as a soft biometric to accelerate the identification process and ensure the system's scalability; and (ii) a new feature binarisation technique that guarantees that the Hamming distance between transformed binary features is proportional to the difference between their real values. The proposed system achieves promising recognition and speed performances on two publicly available hand image databases.
Description: WOS:000304107200001
Peer reviewed: yes
DOI: 10.1049/iet-cvi.2011.0095
ISSN: 1751-9632
Appears in Collections:IT-RI - Artigo em revista internacional com arbitragem científica

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