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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2024Customer satisfaction in the pet food subscription-based online servicesLima, D.; Ramos, R. F.; Oliveira, P. M.ArticleOpen Access
2024Faraway, so close: Perceptions of the metaverse on the edge of madnessCruz, M.; Oliveira, A.; Pinheiro, A.ArticleOpen Access
2024Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI): A systematic literature review on taxonomies and applications in financeMartins, T.; de Almeida, A.; Cardoso, E.; Nunes, L.ArticleOpen Access
2023Virtual reality and augmented reality applications and their effect on tourist engagement: A hybrid reviewOmran, W.; Ramos, R. F.; Casais, B.ReviewOpen Access
2023Reading to young children: Higher home frequency associated with higher educational achievement in PIRLS and PISAAraújo, L.; Costa, P.ArticleOpen Access
2023Health data sharing towards knowledge creationElvas, L. B.; Ferreira, J.; Dias, J.; Rosário, L. B.ArticleOpen Access
2023Advancing tuberculosis detection in chest X-rays: A YOLOv7-based approachBista, R.; Timilsina, A.; Manandhar, A.; Paudel, A.; Bajracharya, A.; Wagle, S.; Ferreira, J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Amplification of co-presence in group visits to virtual houses with graphical representations from video gamesFreitas, A.; Santos, F.; Santana, P.ArticleOpen Access
2023AI-based aortic stenosis classification in MRI scansElvas, L. B.; Águas, P.; Ferreira, J.; Oliveira, J.; Dias, J.; Rosário, L. B.ArticleOpen Access
2023Using the impact-WEB_GIS platform to assess the impacts of environmental sustainability public policies in the Lisbon Metropolitan AreaMedeiros, E.; Valente, B.; Pinto, R.; Dias, J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Deobfuscating leetspeak with deep learning to improve spam filteringMendizabal, I. V.; Vidriales, X.; Basto-Fernandes, V.; Ezpeleta, E.; Méndez, J. R.; Zurutuza, U.ArticleOpen Access
2023Improvement of outpatient service processes: A case study of the university of Hong Kong-Shenzhen hospitalChen, J.; Alturas, B.ArticleOpen Access
2023ULEEN: A novel architecture for ultra low-energy edge neural networksSusskind, Z.; Arora, A.; Miranda, I. D. S.; Bacellar, A. T. L.; Villon, L. A. Q.; Katopodis, R. F.; Araújo, L. S. de; Dutra, D. L. C.; Lima, P. M. V. L.; França, F.; Breternitz, M.; John, L. K.ArticleOpen Access
2024Intelligent system for automation of security audits (SIAAS)Seara, J.; Serrão, C.ArticleOpen Access
2024Cluster-based approaches towards developing a customer loyalty program in a security private companySousa, A.; Moro, S.; Pereira, R.ArticleOpen Access
2023Mapping research in Marketing: Trends, influential papers, and agenda for future researchRamos, R. F.; Rita, P.; Vong, C.ArticleOpen Access
2023Understanding how Intelligent process automation impacts business continuity: Mapping IEEE/2755:2020 and ISO/22301:2019Brás, J. C.; Pereira, R.; Moro, S.; Bianchi, I. S.; Ribeiro, R.ArticleOpen Access
2023SA-MAIS: Hybrid automatic sentiment analyser for stock marketTaborda, B.; de Almeida, A.; Dias, J. C.; Batista, F.; Ribeiro, R.ArticleOpen Access
2023Joint beamforming algorithm for multi-stream MIMO systems assisted by multiple reconfigurable intelligent surfacesSouto, N.; Silva, J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Multi-tier supply chain behavior with blockchain technology: Evidence from a frozen fish supply chainTokkozhina, U.; Martins, A.; Ferreira, J.ArticleOpen Access
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 457