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The ISTAR-Information Sciences and Technologies and Architecture Research Center is a ISCTE unit that has the mission to carry out applied and multidisciplinary research in the convergence of areas like Computer Science and Information Technologies, Mathematics (applied to computational problems), Architecture and Urbanism (in its digital dimensions, either conceptual, modelling, simulation or fabrication). ISTAR is concerned with the analysis, design, and construction of human–based systems, focusing, in its creation, on the design of digital living spaces, on the design and construction of information systems and software, and on complexity studies and computational modeling as understanding tools. ISTAR collection integrates the collection of ADETTI-IUL - Centro para o Desenvolvimento das Tecnologias de Informática na extiguished research centre that was reframed to create ISTAR. ADETTI had a focus in Information and Communication Technology, Multimedia Networking and Simulation of Complex Socio-Economic Systems.