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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2010“I always need my mum”: social capital, social learning and student housing transitions in Northern Ireland10071/13831Cairns, D.; Growiec, K.articleopenAccess
2018‘I always say what I think’: a rights-based approach of young people’s psychosocial functioning in residential care10071/16700Magalhães, E.; Calheiros, M. M.; Antunes, C.articleopenAccess
30-Jul-2019I am because we are: in-group identification and perceived social support as a social cure for sexual minorities: a cross-cultural comparison10071/19832Aybar Camposano, Gustavo AlbertomasterThesisopenAccess
2019“I Choose... YOU!” Membership preferences in human–robot teams10071/16780Correia, F.; Petisca, S.; Alves-Oliveira, P; Ribeiro, T.; Melo, F. S.; Paiva, A.articleopenAccess
2016‘I create therefore I virtually exist’: digital content creation, virtual consumption, and motivation in Second Life10071/12940Nagy, P.; Koles, B.articleopenAccess
2020‘I eat to kill hunger’: the foods of Cape Verde and the double-edged sword of globalisation10071/20412Lam, K.articleopenAccess
Jun-2006«I escaped in a coffin»: remembering Angolan Forced Labor from the 1940s10071/3098Ball, JeremyarticleopenAccess
2019I feel safe doing it! Prevalence, risk perception and motives for risky driving in Portugal10071/20365Duarte, A. P.; Mouro, C.articleopenAccess
2020I feel wealthy: a major determinant of Portuguese households’ indebtedness?10071/17220Camões, F.; Vale, S.articleopenAccess
26-Oct-2017I love you Benfica: an original fan typology based on the analysis of the relationship between S.L. Benfica and it fans10071/15407Lopes, Cristiana MatosmasterThesisopenAccess
16-Dec-2019"I want it all and I want it now": análise ao modelo das exigências e recursos no sector do retalho em períodos de grande afluência às lojas10071/19540Fernandes, Miguel Eduardo NunesmasterThesisopenAccess
2012‘I wish something would happen to you, my friend!’ Tourism and liberalism in E.M. Forster's Italian novels10071/7505Sampaio, S.articleembargoedAccess
2014“I wouldn't stay here”: economic crisis and youth mobility in Ireland10071/9475Cairns, D.articleembargoedAccess
2011I wouldn’t mind moving actually: exploring student mobility in Northern Ireland10071/10056Cairns, D.; Smyth, J.articleopenAccess
2017The 'i' in us, or the eye on us? Regulatory focus, commitment and derogation of an attractive alternative person10071/14110Rodrigues, D.; Lopes, D.; Kumashiro, M.articleopenAccess
2015(I)legalidad y desmaterialización de la justicia: consideraciones preliminares sobre su efecto en la estabilidad psíquica del ciudadano10071/10554Moriconi, M.articleopenAccess
2020A (i)legalidade da assistência sexual na Europa. Mapeamento da literatura e reflexões sobre políticas públicas de saúde sexual10071/20637Pinho, A.; Oliveira, J. M.; Nogueira, C.articleopenAccess
2021I-DECIDE: A social prescribing and digital intervention protocol to promote sexual and reproductive health and quality of life among young Cape Verdeans10071/21804Costa, AS.; Mourão, S.; Santos, O.; Alarcão, V.; Virgolino, A.; Nogueira, P.; Bettencourt, M. R.; Reis, S.; Graça, A.; Henriques, A.articleopenAccess
16-Nov-2016A IAS 1 e o grau de conformidade das divulgações efetuadas nos relatórios anuais de 2007 e 2014: evidência empírica do mercado ibérico10071/13515Inácio, Tânia Sofia AlfaiatemasterThesisopenAccess
2-Dec-2019Iberian market entry strategy for a new brand for mattress10071/19697Silva, Pedro André Pinho damasterThesisopenAccess