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Author(s): Loureiro, S.
Gonçalves, D.
Editor: Demetris Drontis, Yaakov Weber and Evangelos Tsoukatos
Date: 2015
Title: I am avoiding it! a seniors' perspectives about advertising
Event title: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Value Chain in a Dynamic Environment
ISBN: 978-9963-711-37-6
Keywords: Seniors consumers
Ad avoidance
Ad irritation
Ad skepticism
Attitude toward ad
TV advertising
Abstract: The aims are to analyze (i) the relationship between drivers to ad avoidance among senior viewers and (ii) compare the perceptions about those drivers between TV advertising and YouTube advertising. Findings reveal that irritation seems to be the crucial factor that lead consumers to avoid whacking advertisings. A negative attitude toward advertising and skepticism do not mediate the effect between advertising irritation and avoidance.
Peerreviewed: yes
Access type: Open Access
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