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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Sep-1990Cultura política: uma leitura interdisciplinar10071/987Heimer, Franz-Wilhelm; Vala, Jorge; Viegas, José Manuel LeitearticleopenAccess
Oct-1988Cultura profissional dos sociólogos10071/1083Costa, António Firmino daarticleopenAccess
26-Oct-2018Cultura sul-coreana em Portugal: o efeito da "Korean Wave"10071/17254Loureiro, Maria Inês MadureiramasterThesisopenAccess
22-Jan-2021Cultura vínica online em Portugal: a relação das pessoas com o vinho na internet10071/22151Carvalho, Vinicius Gomes Barbizani demasterThesisopenAccess
Mar-1997Cultura: das obrigações do Estado à participação civil10071/854Silva, Augusto SantosarticleopenAccess
Oct-2010Cultural activities, innovative milieus and urban policies: a comparison of two districts in the city of Lisbon10071/3230Costa, PedroworkingPaperopenAccess
2014Cultural ambassadors with a cause: migrant musicians from lusophone Africa in Lisbon10071/7538Vanspauwen, Bart P.bookPartopenAccess
2019Cultural and creative collaborative spaces in the revitalization of urban neighborhoods10071/22715Tomaz, E.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2014Cultural and individual diversity in mental health services: defining and assessing clinical competences10071/16729Moleiro, C.; Freire, J.; Pinto, N.; Roberto, S.articleopenAccess
2014Cultural conceptions of morality: examining laypeople’s associations of moral character10071/8139Vauclair, C.-M.; Wilson, M.; Fischer, R.articleopenAccess
2021Cultural differences in vocal emotion recognition: a behavioural and skin conductance study in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau10071/22413Cosme, G.; Tavares, V.; Nobre, G.; Lima, C. F.; Sá, R.; Rosa, P. J.; Prata, D.articleopenAccess
4-Feb-2016Cultural districts and the evolving geographies of underground music scenes: dealing with Bairro Alto’s mainstreaming10071/10855Costa, P.workingPaperopenAccess
2011Cultural Diversity Competencies in Child and Youth Care Services in Portugal: Development of two measures and a brief training program.10071/6832Moleiro, Carla; Marques, Susana; Pacheco, PedroarticleembargoedAccess
2013Cultural Diversity in Africa: Colonial Legacy and Construction of Alternatives. Introduction10071/6439Sá, Ana Lúcia; Aixelà, YolandaarticleopenAccess
24-Oct-2016Cultural effects on real estate market: an explanation of urbanization10071/13567Ling WangmasterThesisopenAccess
22-Nov-2019Cultural heritage gamification and its effects on the tourist satisfaction10071/20308Cavalheiro, Nuno Miguel de Jesus GrilomasterThesisrestrictedAccess
2016Cultural impacts on e-learning systems' success10071/12287Aparicio, M.; Bação, F.; Oliveira, T.articleopenAccess
12-Dec-2018Cultural influences on spontaneous trait inferences10071/18593Moreira, Ana Isabel AlvesmasterThesisopenAccess
8-Mar-2019Cultural NGO-interventions in post-conflict contexts: The case of the CLA in Cambodia (2009-2016)10071/18852Höll, Benedikt Simon PetrusmasterThesisopenAccess
Oct-2015Cultural practices of resilient households: portuguese national report10071/12309Capucha, L.; Calado, A.; Estêvão, P.reportopenAccess