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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Design of adaptive analog filters for magnetic front-end read channelsGarrido, Nuno Miguel de FigueiredoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2012Design of TCH-type sequences for communicationsAlmeida, Alexandre M. C. Passos deDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
7-Sep-2022Design of terahertz transceiver schemes for ultrahigh-speed wireless communicationsPavia, João Pedro Calado Barradas BrancoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
10-Oct-2018A dinâmica de relacionamento entre as tecnologias da informação e o desempenho organizacional no contexto da indústria hoteleiraFernandes, Adriana LopesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2010Distributed coordination in unstructured intelligent agent societiesLopes, António Luís Morais Costa da SilvaDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2016Efficient solutions for light field codingConti, CarolineDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2016Engineering evolutionary control for real-world robotic systemsDuarte, Miguel António FradeDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
3-May-2024Exploring the perspectives of hosts and guests in peer-to-peer accommodation using text miningSantos, Mariana Sofia Barreira CaviqueDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
2015Feature selection strategies for improving data-driven decision support in bank telemarketingMoro, Sérgio Miguel CarneiroDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2008FIRST, invariant image features for augmented reality and computer visionBastos, Rafael Afonso Chiquelho AlvesDoctoral ThesisRestricted Access
18-Apr-2017Framework para os fatores críticos de sucesso na adoção de sistemas de e-learning 3.0Miranda, Paula Cristina RodriguesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2016Gestão digital da propriedade intelectual de conhecimento científico e educacionalMarques, Joaquim José GonçalvesDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
18-Mar-2024Healthcare status and behavior monitoring based on smart tailored environmentsRodrigues, Mariana Catela JacobDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
26-Jun-2019Hotel revenue management: usingdata science to predict booking cancellationsAntónio, Nuno Miguel da ConceiçãoDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
31-Jan-2018Human activity recognition and prediction in RGB-D videosJardim, David Walter FigueiraDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
28-Oct-2019IM-sgi an interface model for shape grammar implementationsAndrade, Joana Maria Oliveira Tching de AbreuDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
7-Jul-2020Improved planning and resource management in next generation green mobile communication networksGonçalves, Luís Carlos Barruncho dos SantosDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2015IT quality and organization development: Using action research to promote employee engagement, leadership development, learning, and organizational improvementHenriques, Telmo António MonteiroDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2014Learning control knowledge by observation in software agentsCosta, Paulo Roberto Almeida MoreiraDoctoral ThesisOpen Access
2013Modelo de análise de performance para o centro de serviços partilhados da administração pública portuguesa, caso de estudo: GeRAP, E.P.E.Domingues, LuisaDoctoral ThesisOpen Access