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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2019Tailored virtual reality for smart physiotherapyPostolache, O.; Teixeira, L.; Cordeiro, J.; Lima, L.; Arriaga, P.; Rodrigues, M.; Girão, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Tailoring virtual environments of an exergame for physiotherapy: the role of positive distractions and sensation-seekingReis, E.; Arriaga, P.; Lima, M. L.; Teixeira, L.; Postolache, O.; Postolache, G.ArticleOpen Access
2021Tears evoke the intention to offer social support: A systematic investigation of the interpersonal effects of emotional crying across 41 countriesZickfeld, J. H.; Van de Ven; N.; Pich, O.; Schubert, T. W.; Berkessel, J. B.; Pizarro, J.; Bhushan, B.; Mateo, N. J.; Barbosa, S.; Sharman, L.; Kökönyei, G.; Çolak, T. S.; Martinez-Zelaya, G.; Vingerhoets, A.; Schrover, E.; Kardum, I.; Aruta, J. J. B.; Lazarevic, L. B.; Escobar, M. J.; Stadel, M.; Arriaga, P.; Dodaj, A.; Shankland, R.; Majeed, N. M.; Li, Y.; Lekkou, E.; Hartanto, A.; Özdoğru, A. A.; Vaughn, L. A.; Espinoza; M. Del C.; Caballero, A.; Kolen, A.; Karsten, J.; Manley, H.; Maeura, N.; Eşkisu, M.; Shani, Y.; Chittham, P.; Ferreira, D.; Bavolar, J.; Konova, I.; Sato, W.; Morvinski, C.; Carrera, P.; Villar, S.; Ibanez, A.; Hareli, S.; Garcia, A. M.; Kremer, I.; Götz, F. M.; Schwerdtfeger, A.; Estrada-Mejia, C.; Nakayama, M.; Ng, W. Q.; Sesar, K.; Orjiakor, C. T.; Dumont, K.; Allred, T. B.; Gračanin, A.; Rentfrow, P. J.; Schönefeld, V.; Vally, Z.; Barzykowski, K.; Peltola, H.-R.; Tcherkassof, A.; Haque, S.; Śmieja, M.; Su-May, T. T.; IJzerman, H.; Vatakis, A.; Ong, C. W.; Choi, E.; Schorch, S. L.; Páez, D.; Malik, S.; Kačmár, P.; Bobowik, M.; Jose, P.; Vuoskoski, J.; Basabe, N.; Doğan, U.; Ebert, T.; Uchida, Y.; Zheng, M. X.; Mefoh, P.; Šebeňa, R.; Stanke, F. A.; Ballada, C. J.; Blaut, A.; Wu, Y.; Daniels, J. K.; Kocsel, N.; Burak, E. G. D.; Balt, N. F.; Vanman, E.; Stewart, S. L. K.; Verschuere, B.; Sikka, P.; Boudesseul, J.; Martins, Diogo; Nussinson, R.; Ito, K.; Mentser, S.ArticleOpen Access
2020Tears of joy, aesthetic chills and heartwarming feelings: physiological correlates of Kama MutaZickfeld, J. H.; Arriaga, P.; Santos, S. V.; Schubert, T. W.; Seibt, B.ArticleOpen Access
2023Temporal profile of intranasal oxytocin in the human autonomic nervous system at rest: An electrocardiography and pupillometry studyCosme, G.; Arriaga, P.; Rosa, P. J.; Mehta, M. A.; Prata, D.ArticleOpen Access
27-Nov-2023Território cidade, território lugar: Edifícios Viola XXI: Uma proposta de regeneração de um quarteirão nas Caldas da RainhaJesus, Ana Rita Cerdeira deMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2023Testing the affective events theory in hospitality management: A multi-sample approachJunça Silva, A.; Lopes, E. R.ArticleOpen Access
4-Dec-2023Text mining de relatórios clínicosGonçalves, Ana Catarina MartinsMaster ThesisOpen Access
2023That's AWESOME: Awareness while experiencing and surfing on movies through emotionsChambel, T.; Arriaga, P.; Fonseca, M. J.; Langlois, T.; Postolache, O.; Ribeiro, C.; Piçarra, N.; Alarcão, S. M.; Jorge, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023That's interesting! The role of epistemic emotions and perceived credibility in the relation between prior beliefs and susceptibility to fake-newsRijo, A.; Waldzus, S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
13-Nov-2023The attractiveness of fertility tourism in the AzoresSousa, Filipa Dias deMaster ThesisRestricted Access
16-Nov-2023The impact of augmented reality on consumer behavior in fashion e-commerceNeto, Maria Regadas MirandaMaster ThesisOpen Access
16-Oct-2023The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pharmaceutical industry: The determining factors to ensure the profitability of the sectorBrito, Carolina da Gama Castel-Branco eMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2-Feb-2023The impact of the creation of SASs in the management of football clubsRibeiro, Gonçalo Quintas Caldeira CaioMaster ThesisOpen Access
27-Nov-2023The relationship between job demands, compassion fatigue, and provider-patient relationship among Chinese healthcare workersLiwen WangMaster ThesisRestricted Access
5-Dec-2023The role of influencer brand-fit on the effectiveness of virtual influencersPedro, Maria InêsMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2022‘There was no freedom to leave’: Global South international students in Portugal during the COVID-19 PandemicMalet Calvo, D.; Cairns, D.; França, T.; Azevedo, L. F. deArticleOpen Access
2019As TIC e a gestão da doença arterial coronária na perspetiva dos profissionais de saúdeSobreiro, P.; Oliveira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Time-lagged study on psychological contract breach, perceived organizational support and turnover intention of general practitionersZhang, T.; Wang, H. X.; Li, Y.Z.; Zhao, Q. F.; Ma, S.ArticleOpen Access
2021TO SHARE OR TO EXCHANGE: an analysis of the sharing economy characteristics of Airbnb and Fairbnb.coopPetruzzi, M. A.; Marques, C.; Sheppard, V.ArticleOpen Access