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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Quantitative and qualitative analysis of psychosocial factors affecting women’s entrepreneurshipPeris-Delcampo, D.; Núñez, A.; Costa, C. M.; Moriconi, M.; Cantón, E.; Garcia-Mas, A.ArticleOpen Access
13-Dec-2023A quatro patas não se fecha a porta: Consequências da pandemia, atitudes face ao abandono e qualidade da relação entre ser humano e animal de companhiaArcanjo, Mafalda Teixeira dos Santos JacintoMaster ThesisOpen Access
19-Dec-2023Raising cybersecurity awareness of telecommunication company employee through Instagram campaign, case study: PT Media Telekomunikasi MandiriAdilia, FarisahMaster ThesisOpen Access
2023Raising the value of research studies in psychological science by increasing the credibility of research reports: The transparent Psi projectKekecs, Z.; Pálfi, B.; Szaszi, B.; Szecsi, P.; Zrubka, M.; Kovacs, M.; Bakos, B.; Cousineau, D.; Tressoldi, P.; Schmidt, K.; Grassi, M.; Evans, T. R.; Yamada, Y.; Miller, J. K.; Liu, H.; Yonemitsu, F.; Dubrov, D.; Röer, J. F.; Becker, M.; Schnepper, R.; Ariga, A.; Arriaga, P.; Oliveira, R.; Põldver, N.; Kreegipuu, K.; Hall, B.; Wiechert, S.; Verschuere, B.; Girán, K.; Aczel, B.ArticleOpen Access
2022A randomised control trial protocol of MuST for vascular access cannulation in hemodialysis patients (MuST Study): contributions for a safe nursing interventionPeralta, R.; Wammi, A; Stauss-Gabo, M.; Dias, O.; Carvalho, H.; Cristovão, A.ArticleOpen Access
9-Nov-2023Redes sociais como método de previsão para as decisões dos investidores: Caso TeslaAlcobia, Ana Marta FerreiraMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2021Reducing sexual and reproductive health inequities between natives and migrants: A delphi consensus for sustainable cross-cultural healthcare pathwaysCandeias, P.; Alarcão, V.; Stefanovska-Petkovska, M.; Santos, O.; Virgolino, A.; Pintassilgo, S.; Pascoal, P. M.; Costa, A. S.; Machado, F.L.ArticleOpen Access
2022Regulatory focus and perceived safety with casual partners: Implications for perceived risk and casual sex intentions during the COVID-19 pandemicRodrigues, D. L.ArticleOpen Access
2022Regulatory focus and sexual health: Motives for security and pleasure in sexuality are associated with distinct protective behaviorsRodrigues, D. L.; Lopes, D.; Carvalho, A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Regulatory focus in relationships and conflict resolution strategiesRodrigues, D. L.; Huic, A.; Lopes, D.; Kumashiro, M.ArticleOpen Access
20-Nov-2023A relação entre a Respectful Leadership e o desempenho individual no trabalho: O papel mediador da exaustão emocionalOliveira, Sara PrimitivoMaster ThesisOpen Access
2022Relating organizational knowledge with ISO 9001: 2015: An empirical approachMatos, F.; Vairinhos, V.; Anes, A.; Matos, M. F.; Vale, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
30-Oct-2023Relation between job crafting and work engagement: The mediating role of psychological well-being among nursesLuís, Inês dos Santos GonçalvesMaster ThesisOpen Access
2023Relationship and sexual quality in the wake of COVID-19: Effects of individual regulatory focus and shared concerns over the pandemicRodrigues, D. L.; Balzarini, R. N.ArticleOpen Access
2021Relationship between patient safety culture and safety performance in nursing: The role of safety behaviourShaohua, H.; Wang, T.; Ramalho, N.; Zhou, D.; Hu, X.; Zhao, H.ArticleOpen Access
2016The relationship between perceived promotion of autonomy/dependence and pain-related disability in older adults with chronic pain: the mediating role of self-reported physical functioningMatos, M.; Bernardes, S. F.; Goubert, L.ArticleOpen Access
2022Relationship between workplace ostracism and turnover intention among nurses: the sequential mediating effects of emotional labor and nurse-patient relationshipLi, G.; Ma, S.; Wang, G.; Wen, X.; Zhang, Y.ArticleOpen Access
20-Nov-2023Relationship bonds and emotional labor: Joint effects of collectivism and work virtualityFei WangMaster ThesisRestricted Access
2023Reliability and validity of the Colombian version of the Revised Sociosexual Orientation InventoryRomero, D.; Mebarak, M.; Millán, A.; Tovar-Castro, J. C.; Martinez, M.; Rodrigues, D. L.ArticleOpen Access
2023Reliability and validity of the geriatric depression scale in a sample of Portuguese older adults with mild-to-moderate cognitive impairmentJusto-Henriques, S. I.; Pérez-Sáez, E.; Carvalho, J. O.; Bobrowicz-Campos, E.; Apóstolo, J. L. A.; Otero, P.; Vázquez, F. L.ArticleOpen Access