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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
5-Jan-2023Gait VR: Gait rehabilitation in Virtual Reality interactive scenariosGonçalves, Beatriz dos SantosMaster ThesisOpen Access
2015Gender trajectories: transsexual people coming to terms with their gender identitiesPinto, N.; Moleiro, C.ArticleOpen Access
2021Genetic copy number variants, cognition and psychosis: a meta-analysis and a family studyThygesen, J. H.; Presman, A.; Harju-Seppänen, J.; Irizar, H.; Jones, R.; Kuchenbaecker, K.; Lin, K.; Alizadeh, B. Z.; Austin-Zimmerman, I.; Bartels-Velthuis, A.; Bhat, A.; Bruggeman, R.; Cahn, W.; Calafato, S.; Crespo-Facorro, B.; De Haan, L.; De Zwarte, S. M. C.; Di Forti, M.; Díez-Revuelta, Á.; Hall, J.; Hall, M.-H.; Iyegbe, C.; Jablensky, A.; Kahn, R.; Kalaydjieva, L.; Kravariti, E.; Lawrie, S.; Luykx, J. J.; Mata, I.; McDonald, C.; McIntosh, A. M.; McQuillin, A.; Muir, R.; Ophoff, R.; Picchioni, M.; Prata, D. P.; Ranlund, S.; Rujescu, D.; Rutten, B. P. F.; Schulze, K.; Shaikh, M.; Schirmbeck, F.; Simons, C. J. P.; Toulopoulou, T.; Van Amelsvoort, T.; Van Haren, N.; Van Os, J.; Van Winkel, R.; Vassos, E.; Walshe, M.; Weisbrod, M.; Zartaloudi, E.; Bell, V.; Powell, J.; Lewis, C. M.; Murray, R. M.; Bramon, E.ArticleOpen Access
23-Nov-2023Gestão da performance e do desempenho numa IPSSAnacleto, Inês Maria Alves Henriques de CorreiaMaster ThesisOpen Access
27-Oct-2023Gestão estratégica de pessoas na atração e retenção dos TSDT de cardiopneumologia: Estudo de caso num grupo de saúde privadoRibeiro, Ana Luísa dos ReisMaster ThesisRestricted Access
22-Nov-2023A gestão pública e gestão privada: A opinião dos profissionais de saúdeBarreiro, Beatriz PedroMaster ThesisOpen Access
2019Gênero e pluralismo terapêutico: o acesso das mulheres ao sistema de saúde não estatal em Guiné-Bissau, Angola e MoçambiqueCarvalho, C.; Afonso, A.ArticleOpen Access
2022A global experiment on motivating social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemicNguyen, T.; Weinstein, N.; Moller, A.; Legault, L.; Vally, Z.; Tajchman, Z.; Zsido, A. N; Alves, S. A.; Oliveira, R.; Ribeiro, R. R.; Arriaga, P.; Ribeiro, M. F. F.; Terskova, M.; Hruška, M.; Martončik, M.; Jansen, M.; Voracek, M.; Čadek, M.; Frias-Armenta, M.; Kowal, M.; Psychological Science Accelerator Self-Determination Theory CollaborationArticleOpen Access
2023Gratitude intersects with affect as a boundary condition for daily satisfaction: An affective dynamics perspectiveMosteo, L.; Junça Silva, A.; Lopes, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020“Green Knowledge Community, Beats for Gaza”: Transnational linkages and institutional obstacles to the diffusion of arts and permaculture-based resilience knowledge among youth in GazaEsteves, A.; Abusalama, M.ArticleOpen Access
13-Dec-2023GREENerations: Estudo comparativo geracional sobre comportamentos sustentáveisWell, Marisa GarciaMaster ThesisOpen Access
2021Greetings in Africa – Beyond the Handshake: An essay on greeting and leave-taking rituals as communication practice in Sub-Saharan African Agrarian SocietiesSchiefer, Ulrich; Carvalho, Ana Larcher; Nascimento, Alexandre CostaArticleOpen Access
2023Group citizenship behaviour in healthcare organization, doctor‐patient relationship, work engagement and turnover intention: A moderated mediation modelZeng, W. L.; Ma, S.; Wu, L.; Wang, C.; Huang, Y.; Li, B.ArticleOpen Access
2003Guerra nas estradas: na berma da antropologiaRamos, M. J.Book ChapterOpen Access
26-Sep-2023Guidelines for the implementation of corporate mental health initiatives at Hitachi Vantara PortugalHenriques, Andreia Raquel FialhoMaster ThesisEmbargoed Access
2024Harmonizing emotions in the workplace: Exploring the interaction between emotional intelligence, positive psychological capital, and flourishingRodrigues, R.; Junça Silva, A.ArticleOpen Access
2022Having a prevention regulatory focus longitudinally predicted distress and health‐protective behaviors during the COVID‐19 pandemicRodrigues, D. L.; Lopes, D.; Balzarini, R. N.ArticleOpen Access
2021Health information system in nursing homesSantos, S.; Oliveira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Health literacy among older adults in Portugal and associated sociodemographic, health and healthcare-related factorsCosta, A. S.; Feteira-Santos, R.; Alarcão, V.; Henriques, H.; Madeira, T.; Virgolino, A.; Arriaga, M.; Nogueira, P. J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Helpful social support for chronic pain in long-term care residents: “With a little help I manage on my own”Matos, M.; Bernardes, S. F.ArticleOpen Access