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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Dec-2013T-Share: transcultural skills for health and care10071/6700Pussetti, Chiara; Moleiro, Carla; Olivença, Sílvia; Santinho, Cristina; Santos, Joana; Vacchiano, FrancescootheropenAccess
2017T2* - personalized trip planner10071/15994Ferreira, J. C; Martins, A. L.; Da Silva, J. V.; Almeida, J.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Os tablets e smartphones como média emergentes: um futuro já demasiado presente?10071/15131Crespo, M.bookPartopenAccess
2012Tackling cyberbullying: review of empirical evidence regarding successful strategies10071/14744Perren, S.; Corcoran, L.; Cowie, H.; Dehue, F.; Garcia, D.; Mc Guckin, C.; Sevcikova, A.; Tsatsou, P.; Völlink, T.articleopenAccess
2018Tailored virtual reality and mobile application for motor rehabilitation10071/16994Lourenço F.; Postolache, O.; Postolache, G.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2019Tailored virtual reality for smart physiotherapy10071/18910Postolache, O.; Teixeira, L.; Cordeiro, J.; Lima, L.; Arriaga, P.; Rodrigues, M.; Girão, P.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2014Taking offence with no offence: relevance of time and place/space within nigeria's stand-up comedy10071/7557Nwankwọ, IzuubookPartopenAccess
2018Taking stock of Roma health policies in Spain: lessons for health governance10071/19123Escobar-Ballesta, M.; García-Ramirez, M.; Freitas, C.articleopenAccess
2021Taking the pandemic by its horns: using work-related task conflict to transform perceived pandemic threats into creativity10071/21701De Clercq, D.; Pereira, R.articleopenAccess
22-Dec-2017Talent searcher: construção e validação de uma bateria integrada para a seleção de pessoas10071/15349Rodrigues, Rosa Isabel da Costa VicentedoctoralThesisopenAccess
28-Jul-2020Talha wine as a differentiational factor of Alentejo’s wine tourism offer10071/20684Meira, Carolina MariquitomasterThesisopenAccess
4-Dec-2019Talk and let talk: Communication is the key: Patients' perspective about oncologic consultations and its implications for quality of cancer care10071/19436Mestre, Catarina Alexandra JerónimomasterThesisopenAccess
2018Talking about boundaries: symbolic boundaries and ethno-racial repertoires in contemporary Brazil10071/17187Oliveira, N.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Oct-2014Talking about quality: exploring how ‘quality’ is conceptualized in European hospitals and healthcare systems10071/8281Wiig, S; Aase, K.; von Plessen, C.; Burnett, S.; Nunes, F. G.; Weggelaar, A-M.; Anderson-Gare, B.; Calltorp J.; Fulop, N.articleopenAccess
2010Talking about the disease: sharing experiences of Hepatitis C online10071/14746Maia, M.articleopenAccess
2017Talking in defence of species conservation: the role of laws and community norms conflicts across stages of a communicative action10071/14684Mouro, C.; Castro, P.articleopenAccess
2010Tambores de mortos? Sobre um estudo etnográfico da democracia em Ilhéus, a antropologia feita em casa e a falácia do apelo à crença10071/13397Verde, F.articleopenAccess
26-Nov-2020Taming the untamed: the portuguese university student movement In decline (2005-2015)10071/21029Marinha, André Queiroz Cândido de CarvalhomasterThesisopenAccess
16-Nov-2016TAP in strategic change: what should be the future strategy?10071/13390Roque, Raquel Teixeira LinomasterThesisopenAccess
2013Target costing: review of empirical studies in the automotive sector10071/9826Mendes, H.; Machado, M.articleopenAccess