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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
20194.0 Leadership skills in hospitality sectorSousa, M.; Santos, V.; Sacavém, A.; Reis, I.; Sampaio, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022AI and blockchain as new triggers in the education arenaSousa, M.; Mas, F. D.; Gonçalves, S. P.; Calandra, D.OtherOpen Access
2019Applications of blockchain technology to education policyMachado, A. De B.; Sousa, M.; Pereira, F. Dos S.ArticleOpen Access
2021A bibliometric analysis of service climate as a sustainable competitive advantage in hospitalityPalácios, H.; Almeida, M. H. De; Sousa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022Blockchain-based raw material shipping with PoC in Hyperledger ComposerSaini, H.; Dash, S.; Pani, P.; Sousa, M.; Rocha, Á.ArticleOpen Access
2020Business Intelligence for Human Capital ManagementSousa, M.; Dias, I.ArticleOpen Access
2016Combining top-down and bottom-up gardens in Lisbon as an improved planning strategySousa, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Competencies development: The role of organizational commitment and the perception of employabilityMoreira, A.; Sousa, M.; Cesário, F.ArticleOpen Access
2022Complex tasks, delegation, and flexibility: What role for engagement and shared leadership?Dionísio, A. L.; Dionísio, A.; Sousa, M.; Moreira, A.ArticleOpen Access
2021Contextualized behavior for improving managerial and entrepreneurial decision-makingCristofaro, M.; Sousa, M.; Sanchéz-Garcia, J. C.; Larsson, A.ArticleOpen Access
2020Contributions of women entrepreneurship studies for policymakersMachado, A. De Bem; Sousa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2021Data science strategies leading to the development of data scientists’ skills in organizationsSousa, M.; Melé, P. M.; Pesqueira, A. M.; Rocha, Á.; Sousa, M.; Salma NoorArticleOpen Access
2022Digital learning Is an educational format towards sustainable educationSousa, M.; Marôco, A. L.; Gonçalves, S. P.; Machado, A. de B.ArticleOpen Access
2021Digital public space: A comparative study of urban co-design interfacesSousa, M.; Paio, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Digital remote work influencing public administration employees satisfaction in public health complex contextsSousa, M.; Mendes, A.; Almeida, D.; Rocha, Á.ArticleOpen Access
2022Digital technologies and public policies applied to green citiesSousa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022Discovering entrepreneurship competencies through problem‐based learning in higher education studentsSousa, M.; Costa, J. M.ArticleOpen Access
2020Distance learning perceptions from higher education students — The case of PortugalGonçalves, S. P.; Sousa, M.; Pereira, F. S.ArticleOpen Access
2021Effectiveness of the Portugal 2020 Programme: A study from the citizens’ perspectiveNishimura, A.; Moreira, A.; Au-Yong-Oliveira, M.; Sousa, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020Employer branding applied to SMEs: a pioneering model proposal for attracting and retaining talentMonteiro, B.; Santos, V.; Reis, I. P. Dos; Sampaio, M. C.; Sousa, B.; Martinho, F.; Sousa, M.; Au-Yong-Oliveira, M.ArticleOpen Access