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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015An aerial-ground robotic team for systematic soil and biota sampling in estuarine mudflatsDeusdado, P.; Pinto, E.; Guedes, M.; Marques, F.; Rodrigues, P.; Lourenço, A.; Mendonça, R.; Silva, A.; Santana, P.; Corisco, J.; Almeida, M.; Portugal, L.; Caldeira, R.; Barata, J.; Flores, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020An affordable vehicle-mounted sensing solution for mobile air quality monitoringSantana, P.; Almeida, A.; Mariano, P.; Correia, C.; Martins, V.; Almeida, S. M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Air quality mapping and visualisation: An affordable solution based on a vehicle-mounted sensor networkSantana, P.; Almeida, A.; Mariano, P.; Correia, C.; Martins, V.; Almeida, S. M.ArticleOpen Access
2023Amplification of co-presence in group visits to virtual houses with graphical representations from video gamesFreitas, A.; Santos, F.; Santana, P.ArticleOpen Access
2023Application of graphical representations from video games to amplify co-presence in group visits to virtual housesFreitas, A.; Santos, F.; Santana, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Automatic detection of Acacia longifolia invasive species based on UAV-acquired aerial imageryGonçalves, C.; Santana, P.; Brandão, T.; Guedes, M.ArticleOpen Access
2014An autonomous surface-aerial marsupial robotic team for riverine environmental monitoring: Benefiting from coordinated aerial, underwater, and surface level perceptionPinto, E.; Marques, F.; Mendonça, R.; Lourenço, A.; Santana, P.; Barata, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023A Bayesian multi-armed bandit algorithm for dynamic end-to-end routing in SDN-based networks with piecewise-stationary rewardsSantana, P.; Moura, J.ArticleOpen Access
2016A cooperative multi-robot team for the surveillance of shipwreck survivors at seaMendonça, R.; Marques, M. M.; Marques, F.; Lourenço, A.; Pinto, E.; Santana, P.; Coito, F.; Lobo, V.; Barata, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Deep learning for BER prediction in optical connections impaired by inter-core crosstalkEsteves, S.; Rebola, J.; Santana, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Design of communication and control for swarms of aquatic surface dronesChristensen, A. L.; Duarte, M.; Postolache, O.; Sargento, S.; Oliveira, M.J.; Santana, P.; Nunes, L.; Velez, F.; Oliveira, S. M.; Sebastião, P.; Costa, V.; Rodrigues, T.; Silva, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023An educational game to teach children about air quality using augmented reality and tangible interaction with sensorsFernandes, J.; Brandão, T.; Almeida, S. M.; Santana, P.ArticleOpen Access
2018A framework for branched storytelling and matchmaking in multiplayer gamesPegas, V.; Santana, P.; Lopes, P. F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Game-like 3D visualisation of air quality dataTeles, B.; Mariano, P.; Santana, P.ArticleOpen Access
2021A graphical tool for eliciting knowledge of air pollution sourcesVital, D.; Mariano, P.; Almeida, S. M.; Santana, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Human-aware navigation for autonomous mobile robots for intra-factory logisticsMarques, F.; Gonçalves, D.; Barata, J.; Santana, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022An information system for air quality monitoring using mobile sensor networksMariano, P.; Almeida, S. M.; Almeida, A.; Correia, C.; Martins, V.; Moura, J.; Brandão, T.; Santana, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Kelpie: A ROS-based multi-robot simulator for water surface and aerial vehiclesMendonça, R.; Santana, P.; Marques, F.; Lourenço, A.; Silva, J.; Barata, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Knowledge-based generation of plausible air quality maps in the absence of sensor dataVital, D.; Mariano, P.; Almeida, S. M.; Santana, P.ArticleOpen Access
2016Laser-based obstacle detection at railway level crossingsAmaral, V.; Marques, F.; Lourenço, A.; Barata, J.; Santana, P.ArticleOpen Access