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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2019Analysing recent augmented and virtual reality developments in tourismMoro, S.; Rita, P.; Ramos, P.; Esmerado, J.ArticleOpen Access
2020Back to the past to charter the vinyl electronic market: A data mining approachLousão, S.; Ramos, P.; Moro, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Business processes modelling and diagnosisSantos, J. P.; Ramos, P.; Farinha, J.; Moro, S.ArticleOpen Access
2019Can we trace back hotel online reviews’ characteristics using gamification features?Moro, S.; Ramos, P.; Esmerado, J.; Jalali, S. M. J.ArticleOpen Access
2019Constructed response or multiple-choice questions for assessing declarative programming knowledge? That is the question!Belo, Y.; Moro, S.; Martins, A.; Ramos, P.; Costa, J. M.; Esmerado, J.ArticleOpen Access
2020Decomposição do salário mínimo: uma análise comparativa internacionalOliveira, E.; Jörgens, H.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2022Encouraging wine storytelling in the tourist experience: A preliminary studySantos, V. R.; Sousa, B. B.; Ramos, P.; Dias, Á.; Madeira, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2021Enhancing excel business tools with additional relational and recursive capabilitiesRamos, P.; Botelho, L.; Martins, A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Evaluating a guest satisfaction model through data miningMoro, S.; Esmerado, J.; Ramos, P.; Alturas, B.ArticleOpen Access
2015Extending UML templates towards computabilityFarinha, J.; Ramos, P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Factors determining player drop-out in Massive Multiplayer Online GamesLebres, I.; Rita, P.; Moro, S.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2013Finite satisfiability verification in UML class diagrams: a comparative studyBastos, P.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2020From the web of bibliographic data to the web of bibliographic meaning: structuring, interlinking and validating ontologies on the semantic webPatrício, H.; Cordeiro, M. I.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2022The influence of cultural origins of visitors when staying in the city that never sleepsMoro, S.; Rita, P.; Ramos, P.; Esmerado, J.ArticleOpen Access
2022The influence of wine storytelling on the global wine tourism experienceSantos, V.; Dias, Á.; Ramos, P.; Madeira, A.; Sousa, B.ArticleOpen Access
2015Institutional bilateral cooperation for lifelong learning in applied sciences: a multicultural experience integrated in a tempus programPinto, M. R.; Novo, C.; Torres, A.; Costa, P.; Monteiro. A.; Ventura, M.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2019Leveraging a luxury fashion brand through social mediaRomão, M. T.; Moro, S.; Rita, P.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2023A literature review on problem models and solution approaches for managing real-time passenger train operations: The perspective of train operating companiesMarques, L.; Moro, S.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2023Mapping the wine visit experience for tourist excitement and cultural experienceSantos, V. R.; Dias, Á.; Ramos, P.; Madeira, A.; Sousa, B.ArticleOpen Access
2001Numerical study of passive gain equalization with twin-core fiber coupler amplifiers for WDM systemsCosta, Jorge R.; Ramos, P.; Paiva, C.; Barbosa, A.ArticleRestricted Access