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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Enacting quality improvement in ten European hospitals: a dualities approach10071/20632Nunes, F. G.; Robert, G. B.; Weggelaar, A. -M.; Wiig, S.; Aase, K.; Karltun, A.; Fulop, N. J.articleopenAccess
2020From hospital to post-acute care organizations: the relationship between patient experience and health recovery10071/25416Nascimento, G.; Nunes, F. G.; Anderson J.articleopenAccess
2021How transformational leadership influences museums’ performance: a contextual ambidexterity view10071/25417Nunes, F. G.; Fernandes, A.; Martins, L.; Nascimento, G.articleembargoedAccess
2015HRM practices and organizations' internal context role in performance10071/9442Pires, M. L.; Nunes, F. G.articleopenAccess
2017The hybrid identity of micro enterprises: contrasting the perspectives of community pharmacies’ owners-managers and employees10071/12899Nunes, F. G.; Anderson J. E.; Martins, L. M.; Wiig, S.articleopenAccess
2018The influence of service climate, identity strength, and contextual ambidexterity upon the performance of public organizations10071/16792Nunes, F. G.; Martins, L.; Mozzicafreddo, J.articleopenAccess
2021Introducing the Contextual Ambidexterity Scale for Public Organizations (CASPO): Scale development and initial evidence10071/23756Nunes, F. G.; Nascimento, G.; Martins, L.articleopenAccess
2018Janusian, anomic, agent, and steward: how employees perceive the identity of healthcare organizations10071/19112Nunes, F. G.; Martins, L. M.articleopenAccess
2011A longitudinal, multi-level comparative study of quality and safety in European hospitals: the QUASER study protocol10071/10075Robert, G. B.; Anderson, J. E.; Burnett, S.; Aase, K.; Anderson-Gare, B.; Bal, R.; Calltorp, J.; Nunes, F. G.; Weggelaar, A. M.; Vincent, C. A.; Fulop, N. J.; QUASER TEAMarticleopenAccess
2020Making sense of the sharing economy: a category formation approach10071/21460Cotrim, J.; Nunes, F. G.; Laurenti, R.articleopenAccess
2018The mediating role of virtuousness in human resource management and job outcomes10071/16547Pires, L.; Nunes, F. G.articleopenAccess
2015Patient reactions to community pharmacies' roles: evidence from the Portuguese market10071/10502Nunes, F. G.; Anderson, J.; Martins, L.articleopenAccess
2020Promoting the effectiveness of social economy organisations: a proposal based on identity management10071/20524Nunes, F. G.; Martins, L.; Lopes, A.articleopenAccess
2014Os significados da lealdade em Hirschman: o papel da identidade organizacional10071/9572Nunes, F. G.; Reto, L.; Martins, L.; Tinoco, A.articleopenAccess
Oct-2014Talking about quality: exploring how ‘quality’ is conceptualized in European hospitals and healthcare systems10071/8281Wiig, S; Aase, K.; von Plessen, C.; Burnett, S.; Nunes, F. G.; Weggelaar, A-M.; Anderson-Gare, B.; Calltorp J.; Fulop, N.articleopenAccess
2019Translating research on quality improvement in five European countries into a reflective guide for hospital leaders: the ‘QUASER Hospital Guide’10071/18209Andersen, J.; Robert, G. B.; Nunes, F. G.; Bal, R.; Burnett, S.; Karltun, A.; Sanne, J.; Aase, K.; Wiig, S.; Fulop, N. J.articleopenAccess
2016Using institutional theory to analyse hospital responses to external demands for finance and quality in five European countries10071/11373Burnett, S.; Mendel, P.; Nunes, F. G.; Wiig, S.; Bovenkamp, H.; Karltun, A.; Robert, G. B.; Andersen, J.; Vincent, C. A.; Fulop, N. J.articleopenAccess