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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2006An econophysics approach to analyse uncertainty in financial markets: an application to the Portuguese stock marketDionísio, A.; Menezes, R.; Mendes, D. A.ArticleOpen Access
2011Analysis of equilibrium in industrial variables through Error Correction ModelsSouza, A.; Souza, F.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2013Análise empírica do número de consumidores e do consumo de energia elétrica no Rio Grande do Sul por meio de modelos matemáticosSouza, F. M.; Souza, A. M.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2007Asymmetric conditional volatility in international stock marketsFerreira, N. B.; Menezes, R.; Mendes, D. A.ArticleOpen Access
2011Avaliação do processo de ensino: uma abordagem multivariadaMarchesan, T.; Souza, A.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2014Cointegration and Structural Breaks in the EU Sovereign Debt CrisisFerreira, N. B.; Menezes, R.; Bentes, S.ArticleOpen Access
2013Cointegration and structural breaks in the PIIGS economiesFerreira, N.; Menezes, R.; Bentes, S.ArticleOpen Access
2011Detecting customer defections: an application of continuous duration modelsPortela, S.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2011Electrical energy supply for Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, using forecast combination of weighted eigenvaluesSouza, A.; Souza, F.; Ferreira, N. B.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2006Entropy-based independence testDionísio, A.; Menezes, R.; Mendes, D.A.ArticleOpen Access
2012Entropy: a new measure of stock market volatility?Bentes, S. R.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2016Estimating a customer churn model in the ADSL industry in Portugal: The use of a Semi-Markov modelPortela, S.; Menezes, R.ArticleOpen Access
2010Forecasting the Portuguese stock market time series by using artificial neural networksIsfan, M.; Menezes, R.; Mendes, D. A.ArticleOpen Access
2011Globalization and long-run co-movements in the stock market for the G7: an application of VECM under structural breaksMenezes, R.; Dionísio, A.ArticleOpen Access
2013Globalization, regime-switching, and EU stock markets: the impact of the sovereign debt crisesFerreira, N.; Menezes, R.; Bentes, S.ArticleOpen Access
2015Gold prices and equity market crises: how accurate are the forecasts from a nonlinear model?Bentes, S.; Oliveira, A.; Menezes, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Innovation management from fractal infinite paths integral point of viewMehauté, A.; Tayurski, D.; Menezes, R.; Raynal, S.ArticleOpen Access
2019Investigating detrended fluctuation analysis with structural breaksMenezes, R.; Oliveira, A.; Portela, S.ArticleOpen Access
2008Is price transmission symmetrical over transnational value chains for codfish products?Menezes, R.; Dionísio, A.ArticleOpen Access
2008Long memory and volatility clustering: is the empirical evidence consistent across stock markets?Bentes, S. R.; Menezes, R.; Mendes, D. A.ArticleOpen Access