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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Analogies, metaphors, and wondering about the future: lay sense-making around synthetic meatMarcu, A.; Gaspar, R.; Rutsaert, P.; Seibt, C.; Flecther, D.; Verbeke, W.; Barnett, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015Beyond information seeking: consumers’ online deliberation about the risks and benefits of red meatRutsaert, P.; Barnett, J.; Gaspar, R.; Marcu, A.; Pieniak, Z.; Seibt, C.; Lima, M. L.; Flecther, D.; Verbeke, W.ArticleOpen Access
2016Beyond positive or negative: qualitative sentiment analysis of social media reactions to unexpected stressful eventsGaspar, R.; Pedro, C.; Panagiotopoulos, P.; Seibt, C.ArticleOpen Access
2015A changing world: coping with environmental, social and economic risksBernardo, F.; Gaspar, R.; Visschers, V.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Consumers’ avoidance of information on red meat risks: information exposure effects on attitudes and perceived knowledgeGaspar, R.; Luís, S.; Seibt, C.; Lima, M. L.; Marcu, A.; Rutsaert, P.; Fletcher, D.; Verbeke, W.; Barnett, J.ArticleOpen Access
2015Crisis as seen by the individual: the Norm Deviation ApproachGaspar, R.; Barnett, J.; Seibt, B.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Energy efficiency and appliance’s characteristics considered prior to purchase: differences and similarities between Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Spain and ItalyGaspar, R.; Antunes, D.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2014Food risk communication: empirical studies and practical resourcesGaspar, R.; Carvalho, J.; Alves, S.; Lima, M. L.ArticleOpen Access
2018Lisbon Emoji and Emoticon Database (LEED): norms for emoji and emoticons in seven evaluative dimensionsRodrigues, D.; Prada, M.; Gaspar, R.; Garrido, M. V.; Lopes, D.ArticleOpen Access
2018Motives, frequency and attitudes toward emoji and emoticon usePrada, M.; Rodrigues, D. L.; Garrido, M. V.; Lopes, D.; Cavalheiro, B.; Gaspar, R.ArticleOpen Access
2011Novos riscos sociais, velhas discussões: caminhando para uma “democracia técnica” da avaliação e percepção do riscoGaspar, R.; Costa, T.; Palma-Oliveira, J. M.ArticleOpen Access
2014Tweeting during food crises: a psychosocial analysis of threat coping expressions in Spain, during the 2011 European EHEC outbreakGaspar, R.; Gorjão, S.; Seibt, C.; Lima, L.; Barnett, J.; Moss, A.; Wills, J.ArticleOpen Access
2013Understanding the reasons for behavioral failure: a process view of psychosocial barriers and constraints to pro-ecological behaviorGaspar, R.ArticleOpen Access
2015‘Would you eat cultured meat?’: consumers' reactions and attitude formation in Belgium, Portugal and the United KingdomVerbeke, W.; Marcu, A.; Rutsaert, P.; Gaspar, R.; Seibt, C.; Fletcher, D.; Barnett, J.ArticleOpen Access