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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Analytical performance evaluation of massive MIMO techniques for SC-FDE modulationsFernandes, D.; Cercas, F.; Dinis, R.ArticleOpen Access
2020Automatic coverage based neighbour estimation system: a cloud-based implementationPina, P. M.; Godinho, A. F.; Fernandes, D.; Clemente, D.; Sebastião, P.; Soares, G.; Ferreira, L. S.ArticleOpen Access
2021Cloud-based implementation of a SON radio resources planning system for mobile networks and integration in SaaS metricCortesão, R.; Fernandes, D.; Soares, G.; Clemente, D.; Sebastião, P.; Ferreira, L. S.ArticleOpen Access
2020Cloud-based implementation of an automatic coverage estimation methodology for self-organising networkFernandes, D.; Clemente, D.; Soares, G.; Sebastião, P.; Cercas, F.; Dinis, R.; Ferreira, L. S.ArticleOpen Access
2020Comparison of artificial intelligence and semi-empirical methodologies for estimation of coverage in mobile networksFernandes, D.; Raimundo, A.; Cercas, F.; Sebastião, P.; Dinis, R.; Ferreira, L. S.ArticleOpen Access
2022Educação, sociedade e democracia: o legado de John GoodladFernandes, D.ArticleOpen Access
2017Efficient frequency-domain detection for massive MIMO systemsCabral, L.; Fernandes, D.; Cercas, F.; Dinis, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Estimating the performance of MIMO SC-FDE systems using SISO measurementsFernandes, D.; Cercas, F.; Dinis, R.; Sebastião, P.ArticleOpen Access
2021Formação contínua de professores em tempos pandémicos: o caso do Projeto MAIAFernandes, D.ArticleOpen Access
2023From optical tracking to tactical performance via Voronoi diagrams: Team formation and players’ roles constrain interpersonal linkages in high-level footballCaldeira, N.; Lopes, R. J.; Fernandes, D.; Araújo, D.ArticleOpen Access
2017Iterative receiver combining IB-DFE with MRC for massive MIMO schemesFernandes, D.; Cercas, F.; Dinis, R.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020A novel way to automatically plan cellular networks supported by linear programming and cloud computingGodinho, A.; Fernandes, D.; Soares, G.; Pina, P.; Sebastião, P.; Correia, A.; Ferreira, L. S.ArticleOpen Access
2021Políticas de formação de professores e regulação de cursos em Portugal e no BrasilGomes, S.; Fernandes, D.; Sousa, S.ArticleOpen Access
2022Relations between public education policies and Portugal’s performance on PISAFernandes, D.; Neves, C.; Tinoca, L.; Viseu, S.; Henriques, S.ArticleOpen Access
1-Jan-2018UAV GNSS position corrections based on IoT™ communication protocolRaimundo, A.; Fernandes, D.; Gomes, D.; Postolache, O.; Sebastião, P.; Cercas, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access