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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Um capitalismo global em mudançaDuarte de Almeida, I.ArticleOpen Access
2021Coastal erosion: from coastal natural resources loss to territorial imbalances and social impactsDuarte de Almeida, I.; Silva, A.ArticleOpen Access
2019Design and business: growing up as a separate coupleDuarte de Almeida, I.; Delgado, M. J.; Vilas-Boas, J.; Monteiro, J. P.; Montagna, G.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Design of design: Learning dynamics in design degreeDelgado, M. J.; Duarte de Almeida, I.; Montagna, G.; Silva, J. V.-B. da.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Developing a structured and strategically focused performance assessment systemDuarte de Almeida, I.; Vilas-Boas, J.; Cabral, A. A.ArticleOpen Access
2016Erosion perceptions, beliefs and the sustainability of coastal areas: an individual or collective endeavour?Duarte de Almeida, I.; Craveiro, J.; Silva, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2016Focusing executive education on corporate perceptions of priorities and skills in sustainabilitySimaens, A.; Bento, P.; Amaral-Baptista, M.; Duarte de Almeida, I.; Pernas, G.; Silva, J.; Leite, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015From “boat to plate”: creating value through sustainable fish supply chain visibilityDuarte de Almeida, I.; Silva, J.; Ferreira, L.ArticleOpen Access
2016Impact of exercise training on physiological measures of physical fitness in the elderlyMendonca, G. V.; Pezarat-Correia, P.; Vaz, J. R.; Silva, L.; Duarte de Almeida, I.; Heffernan, K. S.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2016Perceptions of future leaders towards business ethics and sustainabilityDuarte de Almeida, I.; Silva, J. M. V.-B.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018The role of collaborative networks in product-service system business models for an advanced manufacturing technology SMESimões, J. R.; Silva, J. M V-B.; Duarte de Almeida, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Towards industry 4.0: a case study in ornamental stone sectorSilva, A.; Duarte de Almeida, I.ArticleOpen Access
2023Towards sustainability goals in the Portuguese ornamental stone industry's supply chain 4.0Duarte de Almeida, I.; Silva, A.; Rabadão, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access