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Title: Perceptions of future leaders towards business ethics and sustainability
Authors: Duarte de Almeida, I.
Silva, J. M. V.-B.
Keywords: Business students (BS)
Ethics perception
Sustainable operations management perception
Business ethics
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Abstract: This paper examines the perception of business students (BS) concerning business ethics (BE) and sustainable operations management (SOM), in cases reporting ethical dilemmas. The BS have not previously attended any specific course, either dealing with BE, SOM or providing training in ethics. A test administered to 60 BS enabled to picture perceptions regarding: (i) ethical maturity level based on general education/personal sensitivity; and (ii) ethical decision-making processes of BS. The study also determined that BS have a surprisingly high ethical maturity. However, they are not sensitive to BE/SOM scientific’ research importance. Findings point out to development of Business School curricula.
Peer reviewed: yes
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