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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
20219/11 and the emergence of critical terrorism studiesDa Silva, R.; Martini, A.ArticleOpen Access
2022Extreme right terrorism in the Portuguese transition to democracy: The Portuguese Liberation Army (1974-1976)Marchi, R.; Da Silva, R.ArticleOpen Access
2022“From street soldiers to political soldiers”: Assessing how extreme right violence has been criminalised in PortugalDa Silva, R.; Ventura, J. P.; Carvalho, C. M. de; Barbosa, M. R.ArticleOpen Access
2020From the armed struggle against the dictatorship to the socialist revolution: the narrative restraints to lethal violence among radical left organisations in PortugalDa Silva, R.; Ferreira, A. S.ArticleOpen Access
2024How to measure political polarization in text-as-data? A scoping review of computational social science approachesPereira, C. T.; Da Silva, R.; Rosa, C. P. DaArticleEmbargoed Access
2022‘It’s about keeping children safe, not spying’: A governmentality approach to prevent in primary educationDa Silva, R.; Fontana, G.; Armstrong, M.ArticleOpen Access
2020“I’m not the same, but I’m not sorry”: exploring dialogical positioning in the self-transformation of a former politically violent militantDa Silva, R.; Rosa, C.; König, J.ArticleOpen Access
2022‘Não é uma prioridade’: uma análise da prevenção do terrorismo em PortugalSampaio, A. X. M.; Da Silva, R.ArticleOpen Access
2019Political violence from the extreme right in contemporary PortugalMarchi, R.; Da Silva, R.ArticleOpen Access
2023#ShamimaBegum: An analysis of social media narratives relating to female terrorist actorsEvans, C.; Da Silva, R.ArticleOpen Access
2019Statebuilding and narrativeDa Silva, R.; Graef, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2023Stretching the peace: The role of Kundalini yoga in the lives of young people in Alexandra, South AfricaKaehkoenen, S.; Da Silva, R.ArticleOpen Access
2019Tracking narrative change in the context of extremism and terrorism: adapting the Innovative Moments Coding SystemDa Silva, R.; Fernández-Navarro, P.; Gonçalves, M. M.; Rosa, C.; Silva, J.ArticleOpen Access
2020Understanding extreme violent behavior in ultra firms: exploring identity fusion from a dialogical perspectiveSilva, J. R.; Da Silva, R.; Fernández-Navarro, P.; Rosa, C.; Gonçalves, M. M.ArticleOpen Access