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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2011An open-system approach of medical professionalism: a controversy within the sociology of professionsCorreia, T.ArticleOpen Access
2018A call for action to establish a research agenda for building a future health workforce in EuropeKuhlmann, E; Batenburg, R.; Wismar, M.; Dussault, G.; Maier, C. B.; Glinos, I. A.; Azzopardi-Muscat, N.; Bond, C.; Burau, V.; Correia, T.; Groenewegen, P. P.; Hansen, J.; Hunter, D. J.; Hunter, U.; Kluge, H. H.; Kroezen, M.; Leone, C.; Santric-Milicevic, M.; Sermeus, W.; Ungureanu, M.ArticleOpen Access
2014Connecting medical professionalism and large bureaucracies in the changing hospital governanceCorreia, T.Conference ObjectEmbargoed Access
2014The divisionalized professional bureaucracy model in hospital organizations: Challenging the role of professionalism and managerialismCorreia, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Editorial: Professions and professionalism in market-driven societiesCarvalho, T.; Correia, T.ArticleOpen Access
2017The effects of austerity measures on quality of healthcare services: a national survey of physicians in the public and private sectors in PortugalCorreia, T.; Carapinheiro, G.; Carvalho, H.; Silva, J. M.; Dussault, G.ArticleOpen Access
2020Enfermeiros na operacionalização do Kanban: novos sentidos para a prática profissional em contexto hospitalar?Cecílio, L. C. O.; Reis, A. A. C. Dos; Andreazza, R.; Spedo, S.; Cruz, N. L. M.; Barros, L. S. De; Carapinheiro, G.; Correia, T.; Schveitzer, M. C.ArticleOpen Access
2018Guest editorial. Professions under suspicion: what role for professional ethics and commitment in contemporary societies?Carvalho, T.; Correia, T.; Serra, H.ArticleOpen Access
2016Hybrid management, organizational configuration, and medical professionalism: evidence from the establishment of a clinical directorate in PortugalCorreia, T.; Denis, J. L.ArticleOpen Access
2015Impact of the economic crisis on human resources for health policies in Southern EU countriesDussault, G.; Correia, T.; Pontes, C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015The impact of the financial crisis on human resources for health policies in three southern-Europe countriesCorreia, T.; Dussault, G.; Pontes, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013Interpretação e validação científica em pesquisa qualitativaCorreia, T.ArticleOpen Access
2012O lugar e papel da Internet na saúde: contributos do caso portuguêsEspanha, R.; Mendes, R. V.; Fonseca, R. B.; Correia, T.ArticleOpen Access
Jul-2013“A manager in the minds of doctors:” a comparison of new modes of control in European hospitalsKuhlmann, E.; Burau, V.; Correia, T.; Lewandowski, R.; Lionis, C.; Noordegraaf, M.; Repullo, J.ArticleOpen Access
2016The medical profession between new limits and values: Lessons from the Portuguese caseCorreia, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2020Os médicos e a gestão do cuidado em serviços hospitalares de emergência: Poder profissional ameaçado?Cecilio, L. C. de O.; Correia, T.; Andreazza, R.; Chioro, A.; Carapinheiro, G.; Cruz, N. L. de M.; Barros, L. S. de.ArticleOpen Access
2016Os médicos e a racionalização das práticas hospitalares: novos limites para a liberdade profissional?Jamra, C.; Cecilio, L.; Correia, T.ArticleOpen Access
2019The more doctors program in Brazil under the perspective of the public policies cycle: argument for debate based on the analysis of Heider Pinto and colleaguesCorreia, T.ArticleOpen Access
2018Nem herói, nem vilão: elementos da prática médica na atenção básica em saúdeOliveira, D. O.; Cecilio, L. C. O.; Andreazza, R.; Cardoso, E. C.; Correia, T.ArticleOpen Access
2011New Public Management in the Portuguese health sector: a comprehensive readingCorreia, T.ArticleOpen Access