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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2023Aceitação-rejeição materna, vinculação e exposição à adversidade precoceCarrolino, A.; Baptista, J.; Monteiro, L.Book ChapterOpen Access
2022Adolescents’ resilience in residential care: A systematic review of factors related to healthy adaptationPinheiro, M.; Magalhães, E.; Baptista, J.ArticleOpen Access
2021AdoPt Project - Adoptive families’ strengths, difficulties and service needs: A Portuguese follow-up studyBarbosa-Ducharne, M. A.; Soares, J.; Baptista, J.; Alves, D.; Cruz, O.; Abreu-Lima, I.; Canário, C.; Magalhães, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2024The All4Children project to assess the initial implementation of the Integrated Model of Family Foster Care in Portugal: A description of the study protocolBaptista, J.; Grangeia, H.; Negrão, M.; Camilo, C.; Ornelas, S.; Nogueira, S.; Pastor, I.; Gaspar, A.; Soares, I.; Alves, S.ArticleOpen Access
2018Caregiving Helplessness Questionnaire (CHQ) applied to Portuguese mothers of preschool-aged children: a psychometric studyToscano, C.; Baptista, J.; Mesquita, A.; George, C.; Soares, I.ArticleOpen Access
2019Child's oxytocin response to mother-child interaction: the contribution of child genetics and maternal behaviorBaião, R.; Fearon, P.; Belsky, J.; Baptista, J.; Carneiro, A.; Pinto, R.; Nogueira, M.; Oliveira, C.; Soares, I.; Mesquita, A. R.ArticleOpen Access
2022Controlling parenting and executive functioning in children born pretermToscano, C.; Sá, C.; Baptista, J.; Moutinho, V.; Soares, I.ArticleOpen Access
2023Cortisol reactivity and negative affect among preterm infants at 12 months during a mother-infant interaction taskMoutinho, J.; Baptista, J.; Mesquita, A. R.; Wolke, D.; Toscano, C; Moreira, C.; Bernardo, A.; Soares, I.ArticleOpen Access
2023Developmental predictors of mathematics achievement at the end of Year 1Martins, S.; Araújo, C. A.; Fonseca, M.; Baptista, J.; Martins, C.ArticleOpen Access
2022Early experiments on automatic annotation of Portuguese medieval textsBico, M. I.; Baptista, J.; Batista, F.; Cardeira, E.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Early family adversity, stability and consistency of institutional care and infant cognitive, language and motor development across the first six months of institutionalizationBaptista, J.; Belsky, J.; Marques, S.; Silva, J. R.; Martins, C.; Soares, I.ArticleOpen Access
2018Early maltreatment and current quality of relational care predict socioemotional problems among institutionalized infants and toddlersBaptista, J.; Silva, J. R.; Marques, S.; Martins, C.; Soares, I.ArticleOpen Access
2024Enriching Portuguese medieval texts with named entity recognitionBico, M. I.; Baptista, J.; Batista, F.; Cardeira, E.ArticleOpen Access
2023How does sensitivity influence early executive function? A critical review on hot and cool processesRamos, C.; Pereira, A. F.; Feher, A.; Baptista, J.ArticleOpen Access
2023How does sensitivity influence early executive function? A critical review on hot and cool processesRamos, C.; Pereira, A. F.; Feher, A.; Baptista, J.ArticleOpen Access
2023Perceived barriers, drivers and enablers to becoming a foster family: An exploratory study in PortugalAnjos, C.; Magalhães, E.; Graça, J.; Pinto, V. S.; Baptista, J.; Pinheiro, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2022Reasons, willingness, and intention to be a foster family: A community-sample studyMagalhães, E.; Costa, P.; Pinto, V. S.; Graça, J.; Baptista, J.; Ferreira, S.; Castro, E.; Anjos, C.; Gouveia, L.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2019Relations between theory of mind and academic school readiness: the moderating role of child genderMartins, C.; Barreto, A.; Baptista, J.; Osório, A.; Martins, E.; Verissimo, M.ArticleOpen Access
2024Resilience in residential care: A qualitative study based on the voices of adolescentsPinheiro, M.; Magalhães, E.; Baptista, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access