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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Are bullying behaviors tolerated in some cultures? Evidence for a curvilinear relationship between workplace bullying and job satisfaction among Italian workersGiorgi, G.; Leon-Perez, J. M.; Arenas, A.ArticleOpen Access
2018Be friendly, stay well: the effects of job resources on well-being in a discriminatory work environmentDi Marco, D.; Arenas, A.; Giorgi, G.; Arcangeli, G.; Mucci, N.ArticleOpen Access
2021DESTRESS: Um jogo para treinar competências de gestão de stress relacionado com o uso da tecnologiaSilva, S. A.; Duarte, A. P.; Duarte, H.; Delgado, F.; Carvalho, C. V.; Pasini, M; Brondino, M.; Di Marco, D.; Arenas, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Discriminatory language in the workplace: unmasking prejudices and stereotypesDi Marco, D.; Arenas, A.; Munduate, L.; Hoel, H.ArticleOpen Access
Apr-2013Exploring Personal and Organizational Determinants of Workplace Bullying and Its Prevalence in a Japanese Sample.Giorgi, G.; Ando, M.; Arenas, A.; Shoss, M. K.; Leon-Perez, J. M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2014Identifying victims of workplace bullying by integrating traditional estimation approaches into a latent class cluster modelLeon-Perez, J. M.; Notelaers, G.; Arenas, A.; Munduate, L.; Medina, F. J.ArticleOpen Access
2021International differences in employee silence motives: Scale validation, prevalence, and relationships with culture characteristics across 33 CountriesKnoll,M.; Götz, M.; Adriasola, E; Al-Atwi, A. A.; Arenas, A.; Atitsogbe, K. A.; Barrett, S; Bhattacharjee, A.; Bogilović, S.; Bollmann, G.; Bosak, J.; Bulut, C.; Carter, M.; Cerne, M.; Chui, S .L. M.; Di Marco, D.; Duden, G.; Elsey, V.; Fujimura, M.; Gatti, P.; Ghislieri, C.; Giessner, S. R.; Hino, K.; Hofmans, J.; Jønsson,T.; Kazimna, P.; Lowe, K. B.; Malagon, J.; Mohebbi, H.; Montgomery ,A.; Monzani, L.; Pieterse, A. N.; Ngoma, M.; Ozeren, E.; O’Shea, D.; Ottsen, C.L.; Picket, J.; Rangkuti, A. A.; Retowski, S.; Ardabili, F. S.; Shaukat, R.; Silva, S.A.; Šimunić, A.; Steffens, N. K.; Sultanova, F.; Szücs, D.; Tavares, S. M.; Tipandjan, A.; van Dick, R.; Vasiljevic, D.; Wong, S. I.; Zacher, H.ArticleOpen Access
2023Mindfulness lessons in a virtual natural environment to cope with work-related stressMarossi, C.; Mariani, V.; Arenas, A.; Brondino, M.; Carvalho, C. V. de.; Costa, P.; Di Marco, D.; Menardo, E.; Silva, S. da.; Pasini, M.Conference ObjectEmbargoed Access
2022Nature and mindfulness to cope with work-related stress: A narrative reviewMenardo, E.; Di Marco, D.; Ramos, S.; Brondino, M.; Arenas, A.; Costa, P.; Carvalho, C. V. de; Pasini, M.ArticleOpen Access
2022Non-heteronormative sexual orientations at work: Disclosure dynamics and the negotiation of boundaries between lesbian and gay employees and their co-workersDi Marco, D.; Hoel, H.; Arenas, A.; Munduate, L.ArticleOpen Access
2015The relationship between interpersonal conflict and workplace bullyingLeon-Perez, J. M.; Medina, F. J.; Arenas, A.; Munduate, L.ArticleOpen Access
2018Spanish validation of the shorter version of the Workplace Incivility Scale: an employment status invariant measureDi Marco, D.; Martínez-Corts, I.; Arenas, A.; Gamero, N.ArticleOpen Access
2015Workplace bullying and interpersonal conflicts: the moderation effect of supervisor’s powerArenas, A.; Leon-Perez, J. M.; Munduate, L.; Medina, F. J.ArticleOpen Access