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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2017A new conceptual perspective on circular economy: Preliminarily confirmation of the 7R principle by a descriptive case study in Eastern ChinaXing, J.; Silva, J.; Almeida, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Creative Teaching of New Product Development to Operations ManagersLeite, M.; Silva, J.; Almeida, I.ArticleOpen Access
2017Eco-industrial parks in China: Current situation, problems and development suggestionsXing, J.; Silva, J.; Almeida, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2023Effectiveness of caregiver-provided individual cognitive interventions in older adults with dementiaSilva, R.; Bobrowicz-Campos, E.; Santos-Costa, P.; Cardoso, R.; Bernardo, J.; Santana, E.; Almeida, I.; Loureiro, R.; Cardoso, D.; Apóstolo, J.ReviewOpen Access
2020Enabling cyber-physical systems for industry 4.0 operations: a service science perspectiveDa Silva, A.; Dionísio, A.; Almeida, I.ArticleOpen Access
2023Friend or foe? A thematic analysis on adult friendships and chronic painBernardes, S. F.; Almeida, I.; Forgeron, P.ArticleOpen Access
2019Impact of business-students subconscious in ethical decision-makingAlmeida, I.; Silva, J.; Möhring, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022New skills for new designers: Fashion and textilesMontagna, G.; Delgado, M. J.; Almeida, I.; Santos, L.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019PRIvacy management responsibility on a scrutinized environment (primrose): A management method to address privacy challengesCosta, N.; Silva, J.; Almeida, I.; Möhring, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2022Projeto SECCLASS: O desenvolvimento de um sistema de classificação da construção com componente de sustentabilidade adaptado ao BIMMendez, A.; Cale, D.; Salgado, F.; Almeida, I.; Miranda, J. M.; Granja, J.; Fonseca, L.; Mello, M. W. de.; Silva, M. J. F.; Campos, M.; Azenha, M.; El Sibaii, M.; Couto, P.; Resende, R. P.; Lima, R. T.; Parece, S.; Pedro, T.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Proposing a virtual operations network to support a business policy for the medicinal and aromatic plants sectorAlmeida, I.; Silva, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2014Shifting to green economy: Hype or hope for entrepreneurs into medicinal and aromatic plants?Almeida, I.; Silva, J.; Leite, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Sustainable customer relationship management for BIM procurement in the ornamental stones cluster under industry 4.0Razy, A.; Mirnoori, S.; Silva, J.; Silva, A.; Möhring, M.; Almeida, I.Conference ObjectOpen Access