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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022Collaborative filtering for mobile application recommendation with implicit feedbackPaula, B.; Coelho, J.; Mano, D.; Coutinho, C.; Oliveira, J.; Ribeiro, R.; Batista, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2019Compliance with intangible assets disclosure requirements: study of Portuguese non-financial companiesAzevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.; Couto, M. A. F.ArticleOpen Access
2021Crowdsourcing-based fingerprinting for indoor location in multi-storey buildingsSantos, R.; Leonardo, R.; Barandas, M.; Moreira, D.; Rocha, T.; Alves, P.; Oliveira, J.; Gamboa, H.ArticleOpen Access
2018Determinants of risk reporting by portuguese and spanish non-finance companiesOliveira, J.; Serrasqueiro, R. M.; Mota, S.ArticleOpen Access
2022The determinants of risk reporting during the period of adoption of Basel II Accord: Evidence from the Portuguese commercial banksAzevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.; Sousa, L. M. C.; Borges, F.ArticleOpen Access
2018Disclosure of environmental matters - Galp EnergyAzevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.; Castro, A.ArticleOpen Access
2016A divulgação de responsabilidade social empresarial e a recente crise financeira mundial: perspetivas sociológicas e institucionaisSilva, M. J.; Azevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.ArticleOpen Access
2014Eliciting nicotine craving with virtual smoking cuesGamito, P.; Oliveira, J.; Baptista, A.; Morais, D.; Lopes, P.; Rosa, P.; Santos, N.; Brito, R.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2020Enterprise risk management in PortugalPinto, C.; Azevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2017Eye movement analysis and cognitive assessment: the use of comparative visual search tasks in a non-immersive vr applicationRosa, P.; Gamito, P.; Oliveira, J.; Morais, D.; Pavlovic, M.; Smyth, O.; Maia, I.; Gomes, T.ArticleOpen Access
2011Grabbing attention while reading website pages: the influence of verbal emotional cues in advertisingFerreira, P.; Rita, P.; Rosa, P.; Oliveira, J.; Gamito, P.; Santos, N.; Soares, F.; Sottomayor, C.ArticleOpen Access
2023How can LMS affect student’s motivation and engagement?Ferreira, R.; Cardoso, E.; Oliveira, J.Book ChapterOpen Access
2023How does authentic leadership boost work engagement? Exploring the mediating role of work meaningfulness and work–family enrichmentSilva, V. H.; Duarte, A. P.; Oliveira, J.ArticleOpen Access
2018How is the accounting academy playing the publication game? Type of authorship and international diversity and networksLourenço, I. C.; Branco, M. C.; Azevedo, R.; Oliveira, J.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017How relevant is Integrated Reporting?Lopes, A. I.; Oliveira, J.; Coelho, A. M. C.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2018Impairment losses: the impact of the first-time adoption of the accounting standardization system In PortugalOliveira, J.; Azevedo, G.; Oliveira, B.ArticleOpen Access
2016Impression management and self-presentation dissimulation in Portuguese chairman's statementsOliveira, J.; Azevedo, G.; Borges, F.ArticleOpen Access
2019Institutional and economic determinants of corporate social responsibility disclosure by banks: institutional perspectivesOliveira, J.; Azevedo, G.; Silva, M. J.ArticleOpen Access
2018Investigação sobre conservadorismo: uma análise bibliométricaMaia, V.; Azevedo, G.; Oliveira, J.ArticleOpen Access
2016Local authorities and the disclosure of financial information via the internet: The Portuguese caseMendes, H.; Santos, C.; Ferreira, A.; Azevedo, G.; Marques, R.; Oliveira, J.Book ChapterOpen Access