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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Interference aware iterative receiver performance for the uplink of LTE-ASilva, M.; Reis, C.; Souto, N.; Correia, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2013Contactless Impedance Cardiography Using Embedded SensorsPinheiro, E.; Postolache, O.; Girão, P.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2013Learning by observation of agent software imagesCosta, P.; Botelho, L.ArticleOpen Access
2015Beyond onboard sensors in robotic swarms: Local collective sensing through situated communicationRodrigues, T.; Duarte, M.; Oliveira, S.; Christensen, A.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017Editorial - Special issue on network codingMonteiro, F. A.; Burr, A.; Chatzigeorgiou, I.; Camilla, H.; Krikidis, I.; Seferoglu, H.; Skachek, V.OtherOpen Access
2015Speech features for discriminating stress using branch and bound wrapper searchJulião, M.; Silva, J.; Aguiar, A.; Moniz, H.; Batista, F.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015Interference-aware iterative block decision feedback equalizer for single-carrier transmissionSouto, N.; Dinis, R.; Correia, A.; Reis, C.ArticleOpen Access
2016HEVC-based 3D holoscopic video coding using self-similarity compensated predictionConti, C.; Soares, L. D.; Nunes, P.ArticleOpen Access
2017Evolutionary online behaviour learning and adaptation in real robotsSilva, F.; Correia, L.; Christensen, A. L.ArticleOpen Access
2019Performance evaluation of wavelength division multiplexing photonic analogue-to-digital converters for high-resolution radar systemsCruz, P.; Tiago M. F. Alves; Cartaxo, A.ArticleOpen Access