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Title: Greeks and Trojans Together
Authors: Botelho, Luis
Ramos, Pedro
Antunes, Nelson
Ebrahim, Mohmed
Keywords: Ontology
Agent communication
Content language
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2013
Abstract: This paper describes a comprehensive solution for the integration of object oriented ontology representation frameworks with logic-based agent communication frameworks. The proposed solution addresses the problem at both the agent communication level and the agent implementation level. At the agent communication level, we propose to extend logic content languages with some domain independent operators that allow building logic constructs as propositions from domain dependent entities defined in an object oriented ontology. At the implementation level, we propose to use object-oriented databases as the support for the agent information. Finally, we propose an automatic mechanism for translating agent messages using the extended content language into ODMG OQL commands, which are then used to interact with the object-oriented database. This binding mechanism relies on a special purpose data dictionary representing the mapping between the domain ontology and the agent internal database.
Peer reviewed: Sim
Appears in Collections:ADETTI-CRI - Comunicações a conferências internacionais

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